One of the most popular wedding styles is the relaxed bohemian wedding, and it’s easy to see why: they’re gorgeous!! The look includes lots of flowers, maybe some lace, and most importantly, the idea of natural simplicity. The perfect hairstyle is crucial when it comes to pulling off your boho wedding, so we compiled a list of our favorite boho hairstyles to get you inspired!

1. Messy Pony

Kadee's Approach | The Pink Bride®

Kadee’s Approach

Everyone looks good in a ponytail, and the messy look really gives it that perfect boho feel! It’s totally relaxed and gorgeous, and the addition of a large flower makes it so romantic!

2. Floral Fantasy

Dixie Pixel| The Pink Bride®

Dixie Pixel

What could be more boho than a flower crown?? The music festival staple is the perfect choice for your wedding as well! To really tie your whole bridal look together, use the same flowers in your crown as you use in your bouquet!

3. Purple Perfection

Danielle Evans | The Pink Bride®

Danielle Evans

A nice loose braid is classic, but the addition of purple tresses really brings this style to the next level! For the finishing touch, add a sprig of baby’s breath and you’ll have yourself a stunning boho look!

4. Low and Loose

Dixon Studios | The Pink Bride®

Dixon Studios

We absolutely love this low pony with gentle, loose curls. It’s the perfect mix of glam and romance, creating a great style for any boho wedding! Dress it up with flowers or a headpiece, or leave it natural for a more beachy feel.

5. Braided Beauty

Frozen Exposure | The Pink Bride®

Frozen Exposure

Braids and boho go hand in hand, and this style is perfect proof of that! A gorgeous braid down the side, ending in a messy bun or pony is such a beautiful way to style your hair for your boho wedding. The addition of some delicate flowers gives this a nice, dainty touch that we love!

6. Lovely Lace

Dixie Pixel| The Pink Bride®

Dixie Pixel

Is there ever a thing as too much lace? It’s so romantic, classic, and gorgeous, that carrying it over into your  headpiece seems like a no-brainer. It can be used in any length or style of hair! Choose a lace hairpiece for your special day in lieu of the traditional veil to add an extra boho element to your wedding.

7. Green With Envy

Bangs and Blush | The Pink Bride®

Bangs & Blush

Who wouldn’t be envious of this amazing crown made primarily of greenery?? It’s so natural and beautiful, and the perfect compliment to a loose and dreamy updo. Add flowers for some color, or leave it with only greenery for a very earthy look.

8. Short ‘n Sweet

Dixie Pixel | The Pink Bride®

Dixie Pixel

You don’t have to have ultra long hair to have an amazing boho hairstyle! We are loving this look, which combines lovely lavendar curls with a stunning crystal headpiece. Short, sweet, and totally boho!

9. Relaxed and Romantic

Frozen Exposure | The Pink Bride®

Frozen Exposure

Leaving your hair down and relaxed with just a few gentle curls is simple and beautiful. If you know your bangs might get in your way, simply pull them back and pin in place. So easy, yet so gorgeous!

10. Natural Beauty

Wynd & Paisley | The Pink Bride®

Wynd & Paisley

We are just head over heels in love with this gorgeous boho hairstyle, and the best part is, anyone can pull this look off! Any length or hair type looks gorgeous with a few pinned twists and the addition of simple greenery.


We all love the idea of a boho wedding, and choosing the right hairstyle is key for pulling off your bohemian theme. There are tons of ideas out there, spanning from colorful, to floral, and everything in between! We hope these gorgeous styles have inspired you to have your very own beautiful boho wedding!



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