We love all things wedding, and that includes the weddings we see on the big screen! We’ve already shared some of the best TV Weddings, and now we have compiled a list (in no particular order!) of the most memorable movie weddings. Continue reading to see if your favorite movie wedding is on the list!

1. Bridesmaids

The conclusion of the hysterical movie “Bridesmaids” is a wedding that is equal parts amusing and sweet. After the fight between Annie and Lillian over Lillian’s new friend is resolved, the wedding is a really wonderful moment showing the love and friendship between the two lifelong friends. Plus, the Wilson Phillips cameo where they sing Annie and Lillian’s favorite song, “Hold On,” is a truly unforgettable moment!

2. The Princess Bride

“MAWAGE. Mawage, that bwessed awangement.” This hilarious speech in the classic movie “The Princess Bride” is definitely memorable, and some couples even choose to include it in their actual vows! Princess Buttercup and Westley’s wedding was an actual fairytale wedding and a beautiful one at that!

3. Love, Actually

Juliet and Peter’s wedding in “Love, Actually” is one of the cutest on this list, due to the sweet surprise by best man Mark. Ignoring the fact that Mark is actually in love with his best friends wife, his choreographing the surprise rendition of the Beatles “All You Need is Love” is such a nice gesture. Juliet and Peter love it, and it certainly goes down in movie history as one of the best wedding scenes.

4. Bride Wars

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While no actual marriage takes places in this scene, the fight between the two best friends Liv and Emma, who are forced to have their wedding on the same day when their dream venue has an opening, is certainly memorable! The image of the two girls wrestling and tearing at each other’s dresses while the horrified crowd looks on is hard to forget! Luckily, there is a happy ending for this sweet movie.

5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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This movie is a classic, and for good reason! It is funny, sweet, and everything you could ever want in a rom-com! Toula’s loud, brash, and slightly overbearing Greek family aren’t happy about her marrying a man who isn’t Greek, but they eventually accept Ian and he is welcomed into their loving family. The wedding, which you’d expect to be a disaster with everything that has taken place beforehand, goes off without a hitch and is super romantic.

6. Braveheart

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In a movie that is overall violent, sad, and gory, the secret wedding ceremony between William Wallace and Murron is one of the only happy moments in the movie. Not knowing the horrors and sadness that is on the very near horizon, the couple has a quiet and romantic ceremony in a foggy Scottish glade, giving us the very simple yet memorable phrase that is perfect for any ceremony: “I will love you my whole life. You, and no other.” Oh, why couldn’t we have had a happy ending!

7. Mamma Mia

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A beautiful young couple who is madly in love, a perfect setting on a sunny Greek island, and endless great music is the perfect recipe for a stunning wedding! However, it isn’t Sophie and Sky who get married. Instead, after Sophie decides she isn’t ready (while standing at the altar!) Sam asks Sophie’s mother, Donna, to marry him instead! It’s a fun surprise and a very happy ending!

8. The Godfather

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“The Godfather,” considered one of the best movies of all time, opens with a wedding, and a lavish one at that! The wedding serves as an introduction for all the main characters and is a stark contrast to the darkness of the rest of the movie. This wedding is an important beginning to an unforgettable movie!

9. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Pt 2

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No matter your thoughts on the Twilight Saga, it is undeniable that Bella and Edward’s wedding in Breaking Dawn Pt 2 is absolutely incredible! The florals and decor are stunning, but Bella’s dress really steals the show. After this movie was released, wedding gowns similar to Bella’s were incredibly popular, proving that this wedding is both memorable and trendsetting!

10. The Little Mermaid

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You can’t have a list of memorable weddings without including a Disney wedding! Known for their romance, Disney definitely knows how to do a wedding. Ariel and Eric’s wedding in “The Little Mermaid” might be the best of them all: sunset, the sea, rainbows, and all of Ariel’s family and friends make for a wonderful scene that is a favorite for many!