Your wedding website is also an important part of your wedding planning, especially for a destination wedding or one with numerous out of town guests! It’s a place where your invitees can learn all about your relationship, the need-to-know details of the day or weekend, and can share the fun of the festivities! Below are our 10 tips for creating the perfect wedding website! 

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Carry On the Theme

This is a wonderful opportunity to expand the theme of your wedding and give your guests a little sneak peak into the celebrations!

Don’t Include Events Not Everyone is Privy To

Such as your bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, etc. Your guests are excited to be there for you, so there isn’t a need to include events they may not be invited to.

Personalize It

This is your chance to brag about your proposal or how we met story! Even if everyone’s heard it already, they are excited about the wedding and on your website to learn more about celebrating you! So, give them what they want — that being a sweet love story!

Girl with Laptop & Cappuccino | 10 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Website | photo by Nicole Honeywill | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comKeep It Simple

However, don’t have them reading a novel either. Guests do want to read all about your relationship, your wedding party, and the info, but too much will bog them down. Keep it short and sweet as much as you can. You can run a little longer in your “About Us” section, but when introducing your wedding party stick to a couple of quick facts.

Include Directions & Travel

For any destination wedding or when your guest list has a lot of out of towners, you need to include some details on where to go and how to get there! Nothing is worse than being in a new city for an event, and not having a clue about where you’re going! Relieve some of the stress for your out of town guests by being a local travel guide via your wedding website. Include directions, whether that is step by step or a Google map link set straight to your venue, and any necessary travel info such as road closures or busy traffic times. Don’t forget to add some cool things they can check out and do while in town, too!

Girl with Laptop, Magazine, & Flowers | 10 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Website | photo by Hipster Mum | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comDon’t Rely on Guests to RSVP Online

Some guests might RSVP online, however, a majority probably won’t, especially if they are an older crowd. It’s better to be safe than sorry and stick with the good ol’ formal paper RSVPs.

Give Them the Details

Think of this as the who, what, and where section. Be sure to include a basic timeline, the dress code, and any pertinent info from the venue like parking.

Include Social Media

This is a great chance to include your wedding hashtag! Or let your guests know that your ceremony is unplugged.

Girl with Laptop, Coffee, & Flowers | 10 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Website | photo by Raw Pixel | The Pink Bride®

Create a wedding email for all questions to be directed to

This is a must when wedding planning in general! However, creating a wedding email that is included on your website is great for when you don’t want your personal inbox full from wedding questions!

Show off those beautiful engagement photos!

You both look great, so show them off! This is the perfect place to relieve your social media feed from an influx of engagement photos, and be able to share them with your closest loved ones!


Did you create a wedding website? Let us know in the comments below!


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