It is no secret that your wedding day can be stressful. It is totally normal to have wedding day jitters! Here are some steps to take to keep your nerves to a minimum.



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1 – Prepare Your Mind

Only you know what could potentially stress you out on your wedding day. Before the day comes, take a self-assessment and make a list of everything that you may worry about or that troubles your mind. After creating your list, prepare for the best way to deal with your stressors! Knowing you are prepared will ease your mind and heart for the big day.


2 – Restore Your Body

Getting a good night of sleep before your wedding day is key. If you are well rested, your body can handle stressors more easily. If nerves are keeping you awake and restless, try diffusing essential oils like lavender or vetiver, or drink some Chamomile tea. Remember, it isn’t called ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing!


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3 – Rise and Shine!

Kick your wedding day off with doing something you love. Planning an activity with your bridal party to do first thing in the morning will not only calm your nerves, but will start your day a stress-free way and keep your mind from worrying. You can’t go wrong with morning yoga!


4 – Remember To Breathe

This may seem obvious, but it is SO important! If things during the day seem to be going too fast, take a minute to breathe. Your wedding day can be overwhelming, and something as simple as taking a minute to breathe can help you soak it all in and enjoy every moment.


5 – Stay Connected

During this process, it is important to stay connected with your partner. Let them know what you may be anxious about, and talk through it together. Also – don’t forget to spend time on your relationship! Don’t let the wedding planning take over your romantic life.


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6 – Let Go

Let go of worrying, fear, judgments, and regrets! These things will only hold you back. Take a moment to let go of anything that is out of your control and enjoy being in the moment for your special day.


7 – Rely on Others  

If you are worried about wedding-day stress, trust in professionals! A therapist or religious person can provide an outsider’s perspective.


8 – Check All The Boxes

Make your final payments, make sure your dress fits properly, break in your wedding shoes, finalize your seating chart, and complete everything else on your to-do list. The sooner you can check off these boxes, the more prepared and relieved you will feel on your wedding day.



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9 – Keep Your Body Fueled

When nerves are high, it is normal to have an upset stomach or want to skip out on eating. You will need all the energy you can get for your wedding day and do not want to be hungry! Keep snacks around like an apple, banana, or peanut butter crackers. And remember…water, water, water!


10 – Have Fun!

Remember why you are celebrating. Enjoy being surrounded by all of your friends and family and the start of your new adventure.




How are you keeping your sanity during wedding planning?