It seems that when it comes to wedding planning, the bride is usually the focus. We understand that of course, but sometimes the grooms need a little advice as well! Choosing your boutonniere may seem simple, just pick one that coordinates with the bride’s bouquet, right?? Well yes, it should coordinate, but there are many different styles and designs that allow you to create the perfect style for your wedding day. We pulled together a list of 10 boutonnieres that will give you some ideas for your spring wedding look!

1. Casual Wildflowers

Wildflower spring boutonniere photographed by Kadee's Approach Photography | The Pink Bride®

Kadee’s Approach Photography

For a boutonniere that is both unique and casual, we love the idea of using wildflowers and greenery! It’s very soft looking and just right for a spring wedding. You can use flowers that are in season, both lowering the cost and connecting your look with the season. A wildflower boutonniere is a great option if you prefer a more natural, understated style!

2. Loud and Proud

Groom in navy suit with orange boutonniere from Swank Floral by 2 Hodges Photography | The Pink Bride®

Swank Floral | 2 Hodges Photography

If you want a boutonniere that really stands out, consider something like this brightly colored orange boutonniere! Not only does orange look amazing with suits in blue tones (complimentary colors, folks!), but it is attention-grabbing and FUN! You can really use your outfit to reflect your personality, so for the outgoing and extroverted grooms, a brightly colored boutonniere might just be the perfect choice.

3. Calla Lilies and Heirlooms

Calla lily boutonniere with locket from Southern Knot Weddings & Floral Design by Kadee's Approach Photography | The Pink Bride®

Southern Knot Weddings & Floral Design | Kadee’s Approach Photography

A Calla Lily is a great statement flower that is absolutely unmistakable! To take your boutonniere to the next level, no matter the flowers you use, we love the idea of including a special family heirloom, like a locket, necklace, or brooch, that has some significant meaning to you. Maybe it’s the necklace your mother wore on her wedding day, or it’s a way to remember a dear family member. Whatever the reason, it’s the perfect touch of personalization for your boutonniere!

4. Statement Greenery

Spring boutonniere with pink flowers and greenery from LB Floral by Bill Roop Photography | The Pink Bride®

LB Floral | Bill Roop Photography

This boutonniere shares equal power between the flowers and the greenery, and we love that! Greenery is often the accent to the flowers, but this large addition of eucalyptus baby blue leaves proves that the greenery doesn’t have to hide in the background!

5. Coordinate with the Groomsmen

Groomsmen's boutonnieres with white roses and grooms with red rose from Pugh's Flowers by Amy Hutchinson Photography | The Pink Bride®

Pugh’s Flowers | Amy Hutchinson Photography

In addition to needing to coordinate your boutonniere with your partner’s flowers, you also need to coordinate with the boutonnieres of your groomsmen! We like the idea of using the same type of flower but in different colors, as seen here. The groom should be in the color that stands out most, so a red rose for the groom and white or pink roses for the groomsmen is a great idea!

6. Spring Tones

Grey suit and yellow tie with yellow boutonniere from Flowers by Tami Sara Kristen | The Pink Bride®

Flowers by Tami | Sara Kristen

Soft, dusty greenery and large-petal yellow leaves just scream spring, and we are loving this look!! Not only does it go great with a grey suit and yellow tie, it is the perfect simple accent for a bright and cheery outdoor wedding. There are numerous types of flowers that come in shades of yellow, so you have lots of options!

7. Variety and Class

Springtime boutonniere made with a variety of flowers from Blossom and Bloom by Darcie Bruce Photography | The Pink Bride®

Blossom and Bloom | Darcie Bruce Photography

This super classy boutonniere manages to include a huge variety of flowers and greenery without looking too cluttered or busy. The use of flowers in a number of different colors, textures, and sizes creates a finished product that is so unique and special!

8. Simple and Classy

Classy and simple grooms boutonniere from May Flowers by Michelle Lea Photographie | The Pink Bride®

May Flowers | Michelle Lea Photographie

This boutonniere style is classic, elegant, and simple, so if that’s the style of your wedding then this would be a great option for you! There is just something about pure white and lively green paired together that makes it the perfect palette for spring.

9. Berries and Blooms

Boutonniere with white rose and berries from LB Floral by Danielle Evans Photography | The Pink Bride®

LB Floral | Danielle Evans Photography

For a truly unique boutonniere, add some berries! Not only are they an unexpected addition, they actually look amazing! Plus, berries are synonymous with spring, so it makes sense to include them in your boutonniere for a spring wedding!

10. Super Succulents

Unique succulent wedding boutonniere from Enchanted Florist by James Anderson Photography | The Pink Bride®

Enchanted Florist | James Anderson Photography

The collective love of succulents isn’t going away anytime soon, so embrace the trend and have a succulent boutonniere! It’s eye-catching, on-trend, and beautiful, so there is really no downside to this! Especially if succulents are being used elsewhere in the wedding, it’s a great way to tie the theme together.