For those with ultra long locks, figuring out how to style your hair for your wedding can be a daunting task! Some of the popular hairstyles suggested might just make you laugh; you know that won’t fly with the amount of hair you’re working with! However, as you probably know, long hair is also absolutely gorgeous and allows you to create some amazing looks for your big day. We’ve compiled a list of 10 styles that are perfect for all you long-haired ladies out there!

1. Side Swept Curls

Bride holding blue and white bouquet with long side swept hair by Abigail Volkmann Photography | The Pink Bride®

Abigail Volkmann Photography

Not only is this a fairly simple hairstyle, it’s also a stunning one! After curling your hair, pull it over one shoulder (we recommend putting it on the side that your part your hair) and then place some pins at the nape of your neck to keep it to the side. The finished product is fashionable, functional and shows off your beautiful hair!

2. Classic Curled Pony

Wedding day curled ponytail by Bangs and Blush photographed by T&K Photography | The Pink Bride®

Bangs and Blush | T&K Photography

If you prefer your hair out of your face, as classic pony works great with long hair! You still get to show off its length, but you don’t have to worry about it blowing in the wind and getting caught in your lipstick; isn’t that the worst?? After curling your hair and pulling it into a ponytail, finishing the look with a lace headpiece or tiara really brings it to the next level!

3. Messy Low Bun

Bride with loose undo and flower crown by Bangs and Blush by The Image Is Found | The Pink Bride®

Bangs and Blush | The Image is Found

A messy bun placed low on your head is a great way to allow the detailing of your dress to be seen while still having a fashionable hairstyle! This is a great look for casual outdoor weddings because it looks very natural and easy, even if it did take an hour and hundreds of pins to get it to stay! Plus, this is the perfect style if you opt for a lovely flower crown!

4. Floral Braided Ponytail

Bride with braided ponytail and white flowers by Bangs and Blush photographed by Finch Photo | The Pink Bride®

Bangs and Blush | Finch Photo

We love the idea of french braiding your hair but leaving the bottom undone to create a braided ponytail! It’s a fairly uncommon look, and when you combine that with large flowers in the braid you have something extraordinary! This is great for those with long hair since braids shorten length; you’ll still end up with long, pretty hair, but not so long that it’s in your way!

5. Elegant High Bun

Bride with braided topknot bun and red lipstick by Katherine Birkbeck Photography | The Pink Bride®

Katherine Birkbeck Photography

Getting married on a hot summer day? You’ll definitely want your long hair to be off of your neck as much as possible! A high bun is the answer. You can do an elegant ballet bun or a more voluminous bun, the important thing is that you just want it up, comfortable, and classy!

6. Collected Curls

Bride with curly updo and flowers looking into mirror by Bangs and Blush from Finch Photo | The Pink Bride®

Bangs and Blush | Finch Photo

Slightly different from the low messy bun, this curly updo is a little more formal and can work for an indoor or outdoor wedding. For outdoor weddings, flowers and greenery are the perfect accessories. For indoor weddings, we recommend a lace hairpiece or a veil! Either way, this is a great way to tame your mane while still looking gorgeous!

7. Down and Free

Groom kissing brides forehead, long and loose hair photographed by Cinzia Bruschini | The Pink Bride®

Cinzia Bruschini

You’ve spent years growing out and caring for your hair, so why not show it off? If you are comfortable with wearing your hair down, then this is an amazing look! Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to do something “special” with your hair for your wedding; your natural hair is already special! Always choose a style that makes you feel beautiful, and if you feel most beautiful when your hair is down and natural then that’s exactly how you should wear it!

8. Half Up Half Down

Bride with long curly hair laughing with groom by Elizabeth Looney Photography | The Pink Bride®

Elizabeth Looney Photography

This is a great hairstyle that gives you the best of both worlds! It allows you to get your hair out of your face while still displaying its length. There are so many options for the “half up” part of the style. A bun, a braid, an intricate knot, a simple ponytail, and so much more! It allows you to really personalize your wedding day hairstyle.

9. Braided Bun

Bride with braided bun and birdcage veil by Danielle Evans Photography | The Pink Bride®

Danielle Evans Photography

For a fun take on an updo, consider a braided bun! This can mean that the sides, the top, or even the bottom of your hair is french braided and then the rest is pulled into a bun. This can be a messy bun or a tight and elegant bun, and again, long hair is perfect for this style!

10. Curly and Veiled

Bride with curly, red hair and a veil by Kelsey Prater Photography | The Pink Bride®

Kelsey Prater Photography

Like mentioned earlier, you can’t go wrong with letting your beautiful hair go free! Curl it, straighten it, or leave it natural, whatever makes you feel the most beautiful, and then finish off the look with a romantic veil. As difficult as it can be sometimes, there is nothing more beautiful than your long hair and you should show it off on your wedding day!