So you finished the momentous task of deciding who your bridesmaids will be. What’s next? Deciding how you will ask them! If done right, you will hear the question of “how you asked” as often as “how he asked”. We have put together 6 of our favorite bridesmaid proposals to give you all the inspiration you need to give the best proposal ever! After all, these women are likely your lifelong friends so why not go all out for your I Do Crew??


  1. Sweet Surprise

    Will you be my bridesmaid box of sweets from Nordstrom | The Pink Bride®

    Treat your I Do Crew to a sweet surprise with this proposal candy box! These tasty treats are sure to get your friends in a celebratory mood. After all who can say no to candy?! Nordstrom, $25 

  2. Box of Goodies

    Bridesmaid gift box from etsy | The Pink Bride®

    Give your favorite ladies the excitement that comes with opening a box! Add personalized touches to your gift boxes by including each person’s favorite lip color or nail polish. Your girl gang will appreciate the extra effort you put in! Etsy, $25+

  3. Coffee Lovers

    Starbucks bridesmaids cups from Etsy | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comStarbucks bridesmaids cups from Etsy | The Pink Bride® If you are thefriend group that is always meeting at Starbucks this is the perfect proposal gift! Give your coffee-loving I Do Crew something they can use over and over again like these personalized coffee mugs. Bonus: show them some extra love by adding a gift card to their favorite coffee shop! Etsy, $10.95

  4. Bottle It Up

    Wine bottle bridesmaid gift from Etsy | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comUnfortunately you can’t propose to your bridal party with a ring but, wine is the next best thing-right? Customize the label of everyone’s favorite bottle of wine to give your crew a thoughtful gift they will love (and need after all that wedding planning). Etsy, $6.99+

  5. Just A Little Sparkle

    Bridesmaid gift jewelry from Etsy | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comThis message is giving us all the feels! 😍  Give your I Do Crew the first piece of their wedding day wardrobe by gifting them cute earrings and bangles they can wear to your special day!  Etsy, $12+

  6. The Perfect Fit

Bridesmaid puzzle gift from etsy | The Pink Bride®


Bridesmaid puzzle gift from etsy | The Pink Bride®

Can it get more personal than a customized puzzle?! Watch their excitement unfold as they piece together your special message! Use your favorite picture with each member of your I Do Crew to remind them of how much they mean to you. Etsy, $9.95


How will you propose to your I Do crew?


Images courtesy of:

  • Nordstrom
  • Etsy