You are leaving your fabulous wedding and about to head off with your forever honey, so you should do it right! With these 15 easy wedding grand exit ideas, you can bow out in style.


Sparkler Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photos by J. Michelle Photography, Chesley Summar Photography, and Frozen Exposure Photo & Cinema | The Pink Bride®


Sparklers are the absolute go-to for wedding exits. You’ve seen this in at least one wedding, if not many! They make great photo ops, and add a fun atmosphere to leave on. You can use standard size, or go big or go home with extra-long sparklers for a larger than life exit! Before you do this, check with your venue rep to make sure these are allowed, have a plan on who will light them, and designate a place where your guests can extinguish them safely.


Bubble Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photo by Maddie Moree Photography | The Pink Bride®



Bubbles are the ultimate fun touch to your wedding exit! Playful and unique, these are a no hassle, easy way to end your night. They are also perfect for kids and adults alike. You can order a bulk amount for relatively cheap, too!


Flower Petal Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photos by Tonya Damron Photography and Ryan Smith Photography | The Pink Bride®


Flower Petals

Flower petals are another way to bring your wedding style to your exit. It doesn’t always have to be rose petals either. Have your guests toss the same flowers that were in your bouquet or arrangements. You can even go a cost efficient route, and buy fake flower petals for guests to throw!


Glow Stick Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photos by Igo Photography | The Pink Bride®


Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are a fun and less dangerous alternative for sparklers. They give the same cool photo finish in the dark, but you won’t have to worry about any intoxicated guests lighting something on fire. Most kids would probably love to take these home too, so it’s not a big mess for your wedding planner, venue rep, or your sweet mom to deal with after you’ve headed out.



Streamers or Ribbon Wands

Streamers or ribbon wands are perfectly whimsical! Your guests will love twirling these around for your exit, and the photo op will be so cute! Can we also take a minute to note my love for the bride’s pink wedding gown that matches her guests’ streamers!


Confetti Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photos by Waldorf Photographic Art and Lyndsi Metz Photography | The Pink Bride®



There is a very good reason confetti is used at all kinds of parties, events, and weddings. With a good photographer and great timing, your grand exit photo will scream FUN! It’s hard not to think of joyful laughter and love when picturing a confetti exit for you and your man. Take the photos above as an example!


Colored Smoke Bomb Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photo by Gemini and the Bear Photography | The Pink Bride®


Colored Smoke Bombs

Colored smoke bombs are a new trend in wedding grand exits that are making a big statement. They are beyond cool, and will definitely have all of your guests in awe. The downside? You might want to change beforehand, unless you would like to do a “Trash the Dress” right then and there.


Candle Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photo by Cami Parker | The Pink Bride®


Romantic Candles

Want to carry the romantic, cozy atmosphere from your wedding to your exit? Have your guests lined up holding candles. It illuminates the path to your getaway car in such a dreamy way.


Balloon Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photo by Jennie Andrews Photography | The Pink Bride®



Balloons are easy and a super cute way to hop off to your honeymoon! You can coordinate them in your wedding colors or solid whites for a timeless look. This is absolutely perfect for a New Year’s Eve Wedding like the one above!


Pom Pom Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photos by Sunglow Photography and Complete Nashville | The Pink Bride®


Pom Poms

You may think pom poms are only meant for cheerleaders at a pep rally, but they are such a fun wedding exit idea too! Think high school or college sweethearts, a ceremony at the ol’ alma mater, or just plain sports fans in general. How could you not use pom poms, am I right? They don’t have to be your school’s colors either, you can get them in your wedding colors for a seamless look!


Dried Herbs Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photo by Dixie Pixel | The Pink Bride®


Dried Herbs

Rice is a time old tradition, and you know how we love taking an old idea and making it new. So throw out the rice, and use dried herbs like lavender! It is perfect for tossing without leaving a huge mess outside, and the smell will be utterly delicious. Your guests may even want to take some home for a fresh scent around their house.


Paper Lantern Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photos by Katrina Serene Photography | The Pink Bride®


Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are one of my favorite wedding exits to see, especially if there is a lake involved! They are whimsical, yet romantic, and are the perfect beginning for your new lives together.


Hankie and Second Line Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photos by Brandon O'Neal Photography | The Pink Bride®



An old New Orleans tradition called Second Line is where the guests wave handkerchiefs following the bride and groom and a big brass band. You don’t have to travel to the Big Easy for your wedding though, just give your guests personalized hankies with your monograms or wedding date on them! During the ceremony, your guests can wipe their tears or sweat (I’m looking at you, Southern humidity), and then can wave goodbye as you head out to your honeymoon.


Stylish Transportation Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photos by Linsey Lissau Photography, Faith Photography TN, Creation Studios, Lyndsi Metz Photography, & Dani Rose Photo | The Pink Bride®


Stylish Transportation

The most classic way to exit is with sleek transportation waiting out front. An elegant vintage car is perfect for the oh-so chic couple! We love all the options from Memphis Wedding Car for a roaring 20’s feel! For a nautical wedding, why not sail away in a cute little sailboat. Wanting to have a wedding fit for a princess? What better way to top it off than with a horse drawn carriage! There are a lot of ways to personalize this for your individual style and taste, just take it from the couple who left on a Harley!


Firework Wedding Grand Exit Idea with photos by Ace Photography | The Pink Bride®



Sparklers aren’t the only way to add a bit of fiery excitement to your exit. Why not have full blown fireworks to top off your day? Drive off in your getaway car with firework columns on each side while waving to your guests, or go big with a Fourth of July style show! If this is totally your style, Impact Pyro will help you exit with a bang!


How are you planning to grandly exit your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!