Pantone has the uncanny ability to predict what the most popular color of the year will be; or is their announcement of the “Color of the Year” that makes that color popular?  Either way, they are once again spot on in choosing Ultra-Violet as the 2018 Color of the Year! This deep and rich shade of purple brings to mind night skies, proud royalty, and lavish gemstones, and is an absolutely perfect addition to your wedding! You’ll certainly want to include Ultra-Violet once you see our list of 10 ways to incorporate it into your wedding!

1. Invitations

Wedding invitations featuring ultra violet from Fanciful Ink by Alison McQuain Photography | The Pink Bride®

Incorporate Ultra-Violet right from the start by using it in your wedding invitations! It’s a great way to set the stage and give your guests a sneak peek into what your wedding is going to look like. A bright purple envelope is also a sure way to make your invitation stand out in a stack of white envelopes; you’ll definitely get your RSVP’s this way!

2. Your Hair

Smiling bride with purple tipped braid photographed by Danielle Evans | The Pink Bride®

This takes some serious dedication to the color, but we absolutely love it! Ultra-Violet looks great as a splash of color in your hair and lets the whole world know what a fun and free-spirited bride you are, not to mention your commitment to your theme!

3. The Cake

Wedding cake with purple amethyst geode design photographed by Frozen Exposure Photo + Cinema | The Pink Bride®

There are lots of options for making your cake fulfill all your Ultra-Violet dreams: it could have purple fondant, purple flowers, purple piping, or in this case, unique sugaring to make it look like an amethyst geode cake. It’s such an intriguing look that is sure to wow!

4. Menswear

Groom in grey suit with purple tie and pocket square by Kadee's Approach | The Pink Bride®

A splash of Ultra-Violet is just what you need to upgrade your menswear! You don’t want the groom to be left out of all the fun; a violet tie and pocket square is the ideal way to have continuity in your theme without sacrificing the look of a classic suit.

5. Bridal Accents

Hanging wedding gown with violet Converse sneakers by Kadee's Approach | The Pink Bride®

So maybe you aren’t ready to exchange your white dress for a violet one, but that doesn’t mean your look can’t include purple! Choosing footwear that allows you to display your love of purple is a great option. Accent your look with purple accessories and get the best of both worlds: classic and new!

6. The Ring

Ultra-Violet Vintage Inspired Inspired Engagement Ring by Kate Szabone Jewellery | The Pink Bride®

You’ll have a reminder every day of your wedding color scheme when you incorporate it into your wedding ring! Amethyst is a popular stone that comes in various shades of purple, but some sapphires can be on the purplish side as well. We love the idea of a ring that is not only unique but is also an ode to the most special day for you and your S.O!

7. Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid posing on steps in ultra violet purple gowns by Derek Halkett | The Pink Bride®

One of the easiest and most noticeable ways to include Ultra-Violet in your wedding is with your bridesmaids’ dresses! The color looks great on everyone and allows you to literally be surrounded by violet as you’re standing at the altar. Love!  

8. Lighting

Bride with bouquet sitting in front of purple uplighting by Lyndsi Metz | The Pink Bride®

Fun lighting is always a great addition to your reception and it makes for some amazing pictures. So why not choose violet for your lighting?? It is the perfect touch to take your reception from good to great, and again, helps your theme carry across all aspects of your big day.

9. The Food

Wedding dinner dish with purple accents from Eclectic Catering by Lyndsi Metz | The Pink Bride®

This is an aspect of your wedding that doesn’t seem like the most obvious place to include purple, but it’s totally possible! There are various ways your caterer can add some purple to your main dishes, and purple ice cream and macaroons for dessert is easy peasy!

10. The Flowers

Arrangement of violet and purple flowers for wedding reception from Perfectly Planned by Grant Kerley Photography | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comYour flowers are the perfect avenue for bringing Ultra-Violet into your wedding! There are various types of flowers that come in purple and they give your arrangements such a luxurious feel. Pair your violet flowers with purple linens and you’ve got superb Ultra-Violet wedding decor!



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