All trends come and go, and the same can be said for wedding trends. So what exactly is “in” for weddings in 2018? What trends are newcomers and what trends are steadfast from years past and continuing to stick around? Pinterest is one of the best places to discover trends, and their 2018 Wedding Trends page gives us a look into some of what will be seen at weddings this year. If you want to have a trendy and fashionable wedding, then this article is for you! Read on for the top wedding trends of 2018!

Newcomer: Navy

Bride laughing with groom in a navy suit outside photographed by Details Nashville The Pink Bride®

Navy is the new black in 2018. Forget choosing all black wedding decor, it’s all about navy now! It is a slightly softer shade that still brings plenty of drama to your wedding color palette. Navy goes great with bright colors (think oranges and pinks) and is super classy. We love the look of the groomsmen in navy suits and the bridesmaids in bright, warm-colored gowns, and it is definitely in vogue right now!

Steadfast: Succulents

Succulent centerpieces created by Melissa TImm's Designs | The Pink Bride®

Succulents have been popular for years now, and we don’t forecast them going away anytime soon! Whether they are used as table settings, cake toppers, or even part of the bouquet, you can count on succulents being a favorite when it comes to wedding greenery in 2018. And why wouldn’t they? Succulents are hardy little plants that bring a splash of modern elegance to any wedding!

Newcomer: Silver & Chrome

Silver Wedding accessory accents Photograped by Jessica Lee Photographic Art | The Pink Bride®

We can finally say goodbye to rose gold metallic accents and welcome silver and chrome with open arms! Cool toned metals are definitely where it’s at for 2018 weddings and we absolutely love the look. Swap out your rose gold vases for chrome plated ones to really give your wedding a modern and fresh look, and we guarantee you’ll see others following suit very soon!

Steadfast: Unique Invitations

Unique invitations photographed by Jessica Lee photographic art | The Pink Bride®

Last year we saw the rise of unique handmade wedding invitations that often included impressive calligraphy and even custom-made wax seals. The trend of intricate invites will likely be continuing into 2018, with even more exciting and elegant stationary that gives guests a preview of what the wedding is going to be like.

Newcomer: Woodsy & Boho

Woodsy boho brides with an umbrella and flower crown photographed by Saul Cervantes Wedding Photography | The Pink Bride®

One of the biggest trends for the last decade was “rustic” weddings, but it is finally being phased out and replaced with a more modern “woodsy” boho wedding style. As great as rustic is, it is exciting to see a new trend here! The woodland theme combined with a new-age type boho look creates a wedding that is super unique, cozy, and above all, magical. We are all for it!

Steadfast: Yard Games

customized wedding corn hole yard game photographed by Jon Duenas | The Pink Bride®

A fairly new trend that started gaining popularity in 2017, yard games at your wedding reception are likely going to be a continuing trend in 2018. They go well with the whole boho festival vibe weddings that are popular right now, plus they are so much fun! Pick a few of your favorite games and include them in your wedding; it’s a great way to keep your guests entertained and allows them to get to know each other!

Newcomer: Hanging Florals

Hanging floral decor created by Luma Designs | The Pink Bride®

This trend is an offshoot of one that we’ve seen the past few years: include as many florals as is humanly possible in your wedding! It creates a beautiful, lush, and aromatic atmosphere that is uber romantic. Hanging floral arrangements are a great way to bring the eye up and make it feel like the venue has been decorated from head to toe. It balances the room and is incredibly elegant.

Steadfast: Social Media

Bridal Lunch Hashtag Signage created by Fleetwood Photo and Photographed by Jessica Lee Photographic Art | The Pink Bride®

Social media continues to be an important part of weddings! You’ll still see wedding hashtags, custom Snapchat filters, and more social media at weddings in 2018. Unplugged weddings are still a popular choice, but more often you’ll see couples encouraging their guests to share their big day on various social media platforms. And why not, you might as well let everyone share in your joy!

Newcomer: Velvet

Velvet Chairs and Shoes photographed by Danielle Evans | The Pink Bride®

Starting with the winter 2017 wedding season and then continuing into 2018, velvet has been a huge trend. And to be completely honest, it’s an amazing one! Velvet is modern, fresh, fun, and so fashionable. No matter how you choose to include velvet, you can be sure that it will be a huge hit.

Steadfast: Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink fabric with earnings photographed by Sterling Image Works | The Pink Bride®

The trend of millennial pink isn’t only steadfast in weddings, it is everywhere! It seems like this dusty rose color will continue to be popular for everything from clothes and phones to wedding gowns and decor. We aren’t upset by that; millennial pink is a great color that looks good on everyone!

Newcomer: Ultra Violet

Ultra-Violet Bridesmaids Dresses with Purple Bouquets | Sterling Imageworks | The Pink Bride®

“Ultra Violet” was named Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, meaning you’ll be seeing it everywhere. Luckily it is a great color that looks great in a wedding palette! Using violet in your wedding is an easy way to modernize it and give it an exciting look. It can be incorporated into your florals, your table settings, your bridesmaids’ gowns, and more!

Steadfast: Mood Lighting

Couple enjoying first dance with beautiful backdrop and mood lighting photographed by sterling imageworks | The Pink Bride®

As anyone who has ever tried to take a good selfie knows, lighting is everything! Good lighting at a wedding is a necessity for setting a mood, and this is a trend that hopefully stays forever. The idea of changing the lighting for different parts of the wedding is a great one, and it is exactly what is needed to cultivate the vibe you want.

Newcomer: Bridal Jackets

Bride wearing a white winter fur bridal jacket photographed by Details Nashville | The Pink Bride®

As far as bridal style goes, a bridal jacket is probably the number 1 new trend of 2018. They are very versatile and can be heavier for a winter wedding or light and sheer for a summer wedding. Plus, they look so cool! A jacket isn’t something you often see on brides, which is why we are starting to see some of the edgier and more fashion-forward ladies getting interested in this trend.

Steadfast: Technology

Drone capturing a wedding ceremony at Wind River | The Pink Bride®

Technology is becoming more and more a part of our lives, and that includes our weddings as well. New tech such as drones, live streams, and QR codes are being incorporated into weddings, and that trend is likely to stay (and grow) as the years go on. Using a drone for an aerial view of your nuptials is such an exciting and unique point of view, and you’ll be sure to cherish those images forever!

Newcomer: Unique Foods and Cakes

Unique tacos created by Chagos Cantina | The Pink Bride®


Food and cake is one aspect of wedding trends that are constantly changing. The food is important, in both taste and presentation, so it is something that people like to have fresh takes on. For example, in the world of cakes, we are starting to see trends such as waffle cakes instead of donut cakes and drip cakes instead of naked cakes. As for the main meal, people are opting for meals from their favorite restaurants, food trucks, and do-it-yourself food bars (think self-serve tacos or a baked potato bar). Not only are these more interesting than a traditional caterer, these types of meals can lower the cost of your wedding.


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