If I could count on one hand the number of brides I have known who were stressed about their groom’s responsibilities on the wedding day, well…I would need way more than five fingers. I’ve seen it all, from the groom forgetting his shoes to a groom who forgot his tux altogether. My own husband even dared to snack on barbecue…in his WHITE shirt and tux…less than an hour before our ceremony (needless to say, I was unaware of this until after the fact! And, luckily, no he did not spill!) But, when it comes to weddings, brides are much more conscious and prepared for the “what ifs.” But, what if you had someone to worry about all of that for him (and you!). Well, you can! It is called a tuxedo concierge service, and  I spoke with Rachael Street Howell from one of Nashville’s premiere tuxedo rental companies, Street Tuxedo, about how this service can help make your day run smoother and worry free. Read on for Rachael’s fabulous tips!

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1. Do away with the stress of worrying about how his tux will really look.

Whether your man will be wearing a formal tux or a casual suit, you want your groom and his get-up to look perfect! But, guys often don’t pay attention to the little details that go into this. When it comes to your groom’s tux, there are so many details. Is his bow-tie tied correctly? Is his tux steamed, or are the bottom of the pants a wrinkled mess because it only hung straight until it hit the seat of his car? Are his shoes shined, or did they get scuffed rolling around in the trunk? These are things that many grooms would never think of, until it is too late, that is. That’s why Rachael says the concierge service is so helpful. Rachael stays onsite with the groom and groomsmen to ensure that their tuxes look neat and clean and that all of their bow-ties are straight and perfect.

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2. Avoid additional tuxedo rental fees by ensuring all tuxes are picked up and dropped off on time.

Some of the most common ways to rack up additional fees are late charges and fees for missing items. Whether it is a bow-tie or a cuff link, everything has to be kept and returned together in order to avoid being penalized.  That is why it is so great to have someone like Rachael on hand. Designating a single point of contact to handle pick up and drop off alleviates the potential for additional fees. Also, having a tuxedo concierge service guarantees that your groom and groomsmen all have their tuxes delivered on time (and no one even has the chance to forget theirs). Plus, you and your groom don’t have to worry about dealing with his tux before jetting away on your honeymoon. Just remember to bring a change of clothes and leave the tux for someone else to fool with!

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3. Be prepared for the “uh oh” and “oops” moments.

Once the big day arrives, you always hear people say “just go with the flow” or “things happen.” Weddings rarely go off without a single hitch. But, usually the day is so fabulous, brides never even notice. With that being said, things can happen that you will notice. What if my husband had spilled that barbecue on his shirt? That would have looked just lovely in pictures, right!? Or, say your groomsmen with the big feet steps through his pants hem. Or, maybe your forgetful brother forgot to bring black socks. A tuxedo concierge means you have someone waiting in the corner with a Tide stick, needle and thread, or an extra pair of black socks. Rachael says she serves as a much needed emergency kit for anything at all that could potentially go wrong and ensures she’ll have your groom looking wedding ready. So, depending on how accident prone your groom is, this could be a lifesaver!

Closeup of groomsmen walking, featured on The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com

Rachael would love to provide your groom with his very own concierge service for your big day! Give Street Tuxedo a call at (615) 771-0948 to find out more about this amazing offering. For more information, you can visit the Street Tuxedo website, or connect with them on FacebookTell Rachael that The Pink Bride sent you!

Rachael Street Howell of Street Tuxedo, featured on The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com


A little about Rachael…

“When my father, Mark Street, purchased a men’s shop in 1984 I had no idea just how much it would impact my career and in turn my life.  I have worked for Street Tuxedo since I was about 16, so 18 years now.  I manage the Green Hills location.  I love what I do. From working with wedding planners to the relationships I form with my brides and grooms, I truly feel like I have one of the best jobs!  I also get to work closely with my family, my brother and father share ownership in Street Tuxedo.  Being in the wedding industry is so much fun.”



All images courtesy of Street Tuxedo’s Facebook Page.