Most wedding favors get left on the tables, dropped on the floor, or not picked up at all! After all your hard planning and money spent, you don’t want to have your gifts tossed aside. Try these 3 favors for something your guests will actually want to take home.

1. Food

Usually at a wedding, your guests cannot wait to get their food and by the end of the night leave hungry again. It’s a long, draining day for both the wedding party and the guests, so why not have a little midnight snack for everyone? After dancing all night long, you’ll need to refuel!

A simple bag of your favorite candy or popcorn is nice and adds a personal touch. Baked goods like brownies or mini pies are great too. One couple even had bite-sized candied apples!

This is  another opportunity to incorporate your theme or personality into your wedding. For example if you and your groom are big into breakfast, hand out individual jars of jam or honey. A big milk and cookie lover? Give out small chocolate chip cookies and personalized cartons of milk for your guests to take with them!


Mini Apples Wedding Favors The Pink Bride



2. Useful items they can use during the ceremony or reception.

For those emotional tears when you say “I do,” have handkerchiefs for your guests. These could be personalized with your monogram or in your color scheme to match. It is also a sweet memento to keep for yourself along with your veil and gown.

Fans printed with your wedding program are perfect for those unbelievably warm summer days, and your guests will definitely appreciate it! For the reception, I suggest drink holders or koozies, especially if you have an open bar. 

Offering flip-flops or sandals for the ladies will have them thanking you all night as they shed their heels for the dance floor! For a fall or winter wedding, scarves are both cute decor and completely functional for your guests who might get chilly if your ceremony is outdoors.


Koozies Wedding Favor The Pink Bride


Scarf Wedding Favor The Pink Bride


3. Plants

People love to be able to bring home something they can use in their garden or house. There is a wide variety of what you can do too! Succulents are an easy plant, look great in mini pots, and are good for fall or spring. For a winter wedding, you could hand out small trees wrapped in burlap or pine cones.  

If an actual plant is too much for your guests, try giving seed packets. You can customize them with cute phrases like “Let Love Grow” or “Love Blooms.” You could even go simple, and put your new last name and wedding date. This idea is easy and seamless with no mess!


Trees Wedding Favor The Pink Bride


Whatever you decide, whether it be a personalized bag of M&M’s or a tree to take home to plant, your guests are sure to love it because it celebrates you and your new groom!

Happy Pink Planning!