When it comes to choosing the caterer and type of food you want for your reception, there are so many options that it can seem a bit overwhelming! One way to make this task a bit less daunting is to first consider what type of catering you’d like. We are going to cover four basic types: buffet, plated dinner, brunch style, and food trucks. Knowing a little bit about each of these will give you the tools you need to choose which style is perfect for your wedding!


Collage of wedding buffet from Chef Penelope Catering photographed by Ivory Door Studio | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Buffet style catering means that your caterer will set up all of the food on tables and your guests will have the ability to choose what food and the amount of food they want. This makes it easier to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions, as well as reducing the number of servers needed and therefore saving money! It can, however, mean long lines and lots of crowding, so buffets aren’t ideal for large weddings. But for some weddings, a buffet is the perfect choice that makes both you and your guests very happy!

Plated Dinner

Plated wedding dinner from Chef Penelope by Frozen Exposure Photo and vegetable plate from Bradford Catered Events by Finch Photography | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Plated dinners are the traditional and more formal catering style for weddings. A plated meal means that your guests will take their seats, choose their entree (usually 2-3 options are given), and servers will bring each course to the guests at their table. This is the clear choice for formal weddings since everyone stays in their seats, are served professionally plated meals (i.e., they look nice and don’t have piles of macaroni falling into the gravy!), and everyone gets their meal at the same time. A con of plated meals is that the cost is often higher due to needing more servers, and some guests may not like the foods that they are served, but this may not be a factor if you’re trying to pull off the perfect formal wedding!

Brunch Style

Brunch style wedding meals from Dead End BBQ, Tasteful Gatherings, and Bradford Catered Events photographed by Danielle Evans Photography, Daisy Moffatt Photography, and Dixie Pixel | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Brunch style catering generally consists of finger foods and appetizers as opposed to a full meal. This is often seen at afternoon weddings when it’s too early in the day for a big dinner. Brunch style catering can be great as it saves you a lot of money and allows for lots of variety in the food offered, plus these foods have a super cute aesthetic! However, it isn’t ideal for formal weddings, and the lack of filling main dishes can leave guests unfulfilled and forced to leave your wedding early in search of a meal. But don’t be deterred; if you’re having an early wedding, brunch catering might be just right for you!

Food Trucks

Bride and Groom waiting for meal at food truck by MexiCalbi | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Gaining popularity in the recent years, food truck catering is a great option for many weddings! It gives your day an air of casual fun, as well as bringing delicious food to your wedding. You can hire one or multiple food trucks to park outside your wedding venue, giving you and your guests plenty of options for fresh and delicious food on demand, as well as allowing you to save money. A con of food trucks is the same as a buffet: there are going to be lines. Depending on the number of guests, you may need multiple food trucks to ensure that everyone gets food without waiting for a ridiculous amount of time. Additionally, you have to be sure that your venue allows food trucks and that the weather will allow you to stand outside while you wait for your food. If all of these things check out, a food truck might be a great option for your wedding catering!



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