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What goes together better than puppies and weddings (our two favorite things)? Can’t imagine leaving your BFF (best furry friend) out of the best day of your life? Here’s how you can include Fido in your big day!

1. Have the Cutest Flower Girl or Ring Bearer EVER

Dog with Wedding Ring on Nose Photographed by Frozen Exposure Photography | The Pink Bride®

Let particularly well-trained pups march their way down the aisle to bring your rings, carry signs, or just look cute! If they can’t quite be trusted to make it all the way down the aisle without stopping at each guest for pats, consider giving them a human escort.

2. Consider Having a 4-Legged Groomsman or Bridesmaid

Dog Walking Down Aisle with Bride and Groom photographed by Michelle Lea Photographie | The Pink Bride®

You know what’s even better than having your very best friends standing next to you at the altar? Having your dog there too! While the MOH holds your flowers, have an appointed DHOH (Dog Holder of Honor) hold your DOH (Dog of Honor). For a fun touch, make your dog a bandana out of fabric matching your bridesmaid dresses!

3. Release the Hounds on the Reception

Dachshund Wedding Cake Topper| The Pink Bride®

If you’re worried about your dog possibly causing trouble during your romantic ceremony, it might be best to just have them at the reception. Ask a friend or relative to go fetch your dogs during cocktail hour so they can be present during all the fun stuff, like dancing and eating! Be sure to consider your dog’s personality; receptions can be loud and crowded, and that makes some dogs nervous!

4. Picture Perfect Pups

Golden Retriever with Couple at Engagement Shoot photographed by Elizabeth Looney The Pink Bride®

Sometimes, it’s too stressful to worry about what your dog is doing during your wedding, or maybe your venue doesn’t allow pets. You can still involve your adorable pooch by including them in your engagement photos! Ask your photographer to help you plan a photo session that involves your pets.

Whatever you decide, be sure to think carefully about how to include your dog so it is safe and comfortable for all involved:

  • Always have fresh water for your dog
  • Designate a quiet place for him to rest and get away from the commotion (a crate or separate room is ideal)
  • Be sure your DHOH is willing to take your dog home or to his safe place if the stress of the wedding becomes too much.

Planning ahead can help the inclusion of your furry family member be a wonderful and stress-free experience!


How Will You Include Your Furry Friend?



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