There is no better place for foodie couples to shine than the dessert bar! This alternative to the traditional wedding cake stand adds personality to the wedding and is becoming increasingly popular-because who doesnā€™t love sweets! We have pulled together our 5 favorite dessert bars to give you all the inspiration you need to create a display that will keep your guests coming back throughout the reception.

WARNING: These images may cause severe sugar cravings šŸ˜‰

1.Cupcakes Galore


A cupcake display gives your guests a variety of flavors to choose from! Andā€¦..


You can display them in so many different ways!


2. Donut Delights

Still wanting to incorporate a traditional cake? Creating a donut tower underneath a small cake is the perfect combination of new and traditional! We love this coupleā€™s rustic-chic display!


3. Sparkle Pops

Add some edible gold dust to your cake pops to give your dessert table some glam! Your guests will be starstruck by your decadent display!


4. We All Scream For Ice Cream

Turn your dessert bar into an ice cream bar!! Give your guests the perfect after-meal snack for any summer wedding!


5. Sweet Variety

Be the “hostess with the mostest” by offering your guests an assortment of goodies! With a variety of cakes, sweet breads, pastries, and pies, you are sure to please the tastebuds of all your attendees!