Weddings? Great! Wine? Great! Weddings AND wine? Fantastic! We all love wine, and wine and weddings truly go hand in hand. If you want to take your love of wine one step further (or just want a really pretty location for your big day) consider choosing a vineyard for your wedding venue! You don’t have to travel to California or Italy for your vineyard dreams; Arrington Vineyards is located just outside of Nashville and is an absolute dream come true! If you need more convincing, check out our list of 5 reasons to have your wedding at a vineyard and there’s no doubt you’ll be sold on the idea!

1. Vineyards are Stunning

Bride and groom walking through the grape vines at Arrington Vineyards by Libby Barker Photography | The Pink Bride®

There’s really no better way to put it: vineyards are beautiful! The neat rows of grape vines, open areas with bright sunshine, and the dreamy feel that is unique to vineyards are all part of what makes a vineyard such a great wedding location. There are few places more aesthetically pleasing and photogenic as a vineyard, and Arrington Vineyards is no exception. Your pictures are guaranteed to be top notch, and the memories made will be priceless!

2. The Drinks are Delicious

Arrington Vineyards red and white wine and wedding invite photographed by Libby Barker Photography | The Pink Bride®

You’re at a vineyard, so obviously you’re going to be serving wine, and lots of it! You can be sure that your guests (and you!) will be satisfied and refreshed by the many tasty beverages available. Many vineyards produce their own wine, and some even offer a custom bottle option with your wedding date, name, and photo on it. Such a sweet keepsake!

3. It’s SO Romantic!

Bridal style and bride and groom during ceremony by Libby Barker Photography | The Pink Bride®

It doesn’t get much more romantic than a vineyard! The sweet smell of ripe grapes, the feeling of privacy, and the prevalence and availability of wine all work together to create the perfect romantic venue. Just try and see the sun setting over a vineyard and tell me that it isn’t one of the most romantic places you’ve ever been!

4. The Venue is 2-in-1

View of wedding ceremony from end of aisle by Libby Barker Photography | The Pink Bride®

Generally, when a couple chooses a vineyard as their wedding venue, it is the location of both the ceremony and the reception. That means that you (and your guests) don’t have to pack up and drive to a new location after the ceremony, and instead get to just relax and enjoy some wine. This takes away a lot of stress for you and means your guests are more likely to stay for the reception instead of deciding to skip at the last minute. Plus, you get to spend your whole day in a beautiful vineyard, not just a few hours!

5. It Feels Like a Completely Different World

Collage of bride and groom, bride with her bridesmaids, and grapes at Arrington Vineyards by Libby Barker Photography | The Pink Bride®

A vineyard wedding feels like a destination wedding minus the expensive travel! This is due to the fact that not only are vineyards often very secluded and private, but they are so different to what you are used to seeing on a daily basis. You’ll really feel like you’ve been transported to some warm and beautiful foreign country, but your bank account won’t feel the strain of that! It’s the best of both worlds: a local wedding that is affordable and allows all of your friends and family to attend as well as the exotic and foreign feel of a destination wedding.


I think we can all agree that a vineyard wedding is the way to go! From the feeling of total privacy and relaxation, to the romance, and to the abundance of wine, there is nothing but positives when it comes to having your big day at a venue like Arrington Vineyards. And now that you’ve made that decision, there’s only one more thing you need to worry about: will you be drinking a red or a white?  


Venue: Arrington Vineyards

Photographer: Libby Barker Photography