There are an endless amount of ways to decorate a wedding, and more will be thought up in the years to come. As great as unique and wild weddings are, there is something to be said about the ones that keep it simple and all about one thing: love! You and your S.O. are there to get married and start the rest of your life together, and if you aren’t the type to go over the top, having a simple and sweet wedding is the way to go! Captured by the immensely talented Katherine Birkbeck Photography, this wedding is the epitome of sweet simplicity and has inspired us to share with you our top 5 tips to pulling off the perfectly simple wedding!

1. Set the Guest List

Katherine Birkbeck | The Pink Bride®

You might feel like you should invite your third cousin twice removed that you met once at a family reunion 14 years ago, but to keep your wedding simple and stress free, only invite the people you truly want to invite. There are only a few people that are absolutely necessary for your wedding: you, your betrothed, the family and friends you want to share the day with, and the photographer to capture it all! Simplicity is all about being happy and confident with your wedding choices, so do exactly what makes you happy, whether that is getting eloped with only a few people present or having a huge party with hundreds of guests!

2. Choose the Right Location

Katherine Birkbeck | The Pink Bride®

The ideal wedding location is different for everyone. For some, it’s deep in a secluded wooded area, for others it’s inside a warm and rustic barn, and there is no wrong choice here! Pick a place that is visually pleasing to you and doesn’t need an enormous amount of decoration and work for your wedding vision to be fulfilled.

3. Dress For the Part

Katherine Birkbeck | The Pink Bride®

Look, there’s no rule saying you can’t wear that crystal-adorned ball gown for your simple and sweet wedding, but to keep with the theme you might want to choose something a bit softer. The gown above is the perfect example; relaxed fit, tie at the waist, and amazing lace ¾ length sleeves. What’s not to love?? In addition to the gorgeous dress, wearing your hair down and in a natural looking style is the perfect final touch to your soft, simple wedding day look.

4. Include the Important Details

Katherine Birkbeck | The Pink Bride®

Having a wedding that is all about simplicity does not mean having no decorations or fun details! It means choosing the details that are truly important to you and including those; that way they don’t get lost in the sea of decor and what is important really stands out.

5. Smile, Pose, and Enjoy!

Katherine Birkbeck | The Pink Bride®

So you’ve pulled off the perfect wedding full of sweet details and stunning simplicity; now it’s time to enjoy it! Remember to stop for a moment and soak it all in. You have worked hard to create a wedding that reflects your values and personality, and you don’t want to forget any of it! However, if you want to be certain that you don’t forget a single moment of this special day, be sure to hire an amazing photographer like Katherine Birkbeck who will capture every magical moment of your big day for you to look back on for many years to come!


Featured in the Fall 2017 Knoxville Pink Bride Magazine



Photographs courtesy of: Katherine Birkbeck Photography