As you might know, wedding trends are constantly changing! There are some traditions that have generally stuck around, like white wedding dresses (although even that is being challenged now!), and there are other traditions that have been forgotten entirely. Here are 6 of our favorite classic wedding traditions that we think should be brought back to modern weddings!

6 Classic Wedding Traditions To Bring Back | Danielle Evans Photography | The Pink Bride®

1. Not Seeing Each Other Beforehand

This tradition is often seen in movies and TV, but if you ask any of your married friends there is a good chance that they saw each other before the ceremony. Why has this tradition become old news? Mostly for efficiency; instead of having your guests sit and wait for the newlyweds to take their pictures during a long cocktail hour, many couples opt to take most or all of their pictures before the ceremony and having a short or nonexistent cocktail hour before the reception. While we understand that this is sometimes the only option, there is something to be said about your first time seeing each other on your wedding day be the moment you step out into the aisle!

Groom Seeing His Bride for First Time | 6 Classic Wedding Traditions To Bring Back | JustKenna Photography | The Pink Bride®

2. Having a Groom’s Cake

This was commonplace as recent as the early 2000’s, but as wedding cakes become more grand and expensive, groom’s cakes are becoming increasingly less common. However, we love the idea of a groom’s cake! Not only does it allow for more unique flavors and fun designs (think the red velvet armadillo cake in Steel Magnolias!), but having a groom’s cake means more cake! And let’s be real, more cake is never a bad thing.

Nashville Predators Smashville Groom's Cake | 6 Classic Wedding Traditions To Bring Back | Evin Photography of IveyCake | The Pink Bride®

3. Literally Tying the Knot!

This is a popular phrase used by brides and wedding professionals alike, but where does it come from?? In Celtic tradition, the bride and groom had their hands literally tied together, but if that seems impractical for your wedding, tying a knot on its own is just as meaningful! Plus, the knot that you and your partner tie can be turned into sweet memorabilia for display in your home!

Tying the Knot in Wedding Ceremony | 6 Classic Wedding Traditions To Bring Back | Dani Rose Photo | The Pink Bride®

4. Planting a Tree

Planting a tree outside your home to celebrate a marriage was commonplace in some European countries, and we think it should become a thing in the US too! Not only are you doing a good deed (yay for planting trees!), you have a living, growing memory of your wedding that you can look at every day! Pine trees were often chosen since they represent luck and fertility, but we love the idea of customizing it based on your preferences. Since we are in the south, maybe a gorgeous Magnolia tree would be the perfect choice!

Tree Planting in Wedding Ceremony | 6 Classic Wedding Traditions To Bring Back | Cooper Carras | The Pink Bride®

5. A Month-Long Honeymoon

Ok, this might just be wishful thinking, but we think the most important wedding tradition to bring back is the month-long honeymoon! Something along these lines was common in many cultures. In some, the newlyweds took the month to settle into their new lives and homes, and in others, like in 19th century upper-class England, the couple took long tours of the country or holidays to locations like France and Italy. This can be modernized with half of your honeymoon being an awesome vacation and the other half being more of a staycation where you and your new spouse just enjoy spending time at home together!

Exotic Honeymoon | 6 Classic Wedding Traditions To Bring Back | Roberto Nickson | The Pink Bride®

6. A Money Dance

Originating in Poland in the 1900’s, a money dance is a super fun way to get some pocket change for your honeymoon and is quite entertaining for your guests! In a money dance, guests pay money (usually just a dollar!) for a chance to dance with one of the newlyweds. Generally, the maid of honor or best man holds the money, and alcohol is often involved. Overall, it’s a super fun tradition that we’d love to see it become popular in the US again!

Wedding Money Dance | 6 Classic Wedding Traditions To Bring Back | Anastasia Romanova | The Pink Bride®


What tradition do you wish would come back?


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