They got down on one knee, you said yes, and now you’re engaged! Congrats! Whether you’ve been expecting it for months or are totally surprised, the next step is a daunting, and important, one. How will you announce this to your Insta followers?? Short and to the point? Long and sappy? Humorous? Check out our 8 favorite Insta proposals below for some inspiration!

engagement ring via @heyanniemay

via Instagram @heyanniemay

1. The Classic Ring Shot

Just your hand with your new bling. Simple, classy, gets the point across!

engagement ring via

via Instagram

2. The “I Do” Moment

A picture of you and your betrothed the moment you agreed to spend the rest of your life together. How romantic!

engagement via @savannahlephoto

via Instagram @savannahlephoto

3. A Kiss ft. the Ring

1 Tender Kiss + 1 Brand New Ring = Countless Insta likes!

engagement via @magnolia.weddings

via Instagram @magnolia.weddings

4. A Toast

A fun picture of your newly bedazzled hand toasting with your new fiancé is the perfect way to announce your engagement!

engagement toast via @pinkertonphoto

via Instagram @pinkertonphoto

5. Give ‘em the Finger!

For a humorous announcement, give your followers a faux bird by shooting your ring finger at the camera.

engagement via @margotrobbie

via Instagram @margotrobbie

6. Enlist the Help of Your Furry Friends

Nothing gets more likes than cute pets. Let your best friend help you announce the engagement with a cute sign!

dog engagement sign via @emilysonger

via Instagram @emilysonger

7. Grab Hands!

Slightly different from the classic ring shot, grab hands with your honey to show off the ring from a new angle.

engagement via @juliter

via Instagram @juliter

8. Give the Ring a Pedestal!

Maybe you didn’t get your nails done, or maybe you just want all the focus on your gorgeous new ring. Whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong with a ring-only shot.

engagement ring with scrabble tiles via @lifestyleinfocus

via Instagram @lifestyleinfocus

Choosing what to post on Instagram can be difficult on a normal day, and even more so when you’re posting one of the biggest announcements of your life! Hopefully our list gives you some inspiration for sharing this exciting news quickly and stress free so you can get to the important stuff: planning your upcoming wedding!


How will you announce your engagement on social media?