The days of cookie cutter weddings are over. As couples continue to create unique weddings, we are seeing more and more unique registries! If cookie cutter plates and towels aren’t your thing we have created a list of the coolest registries available!!

1. The Everything Registry

Multi-colored presents from Prexels | The Pink Bride®

This registry is perfect for the couple with a diverse set of likes! Whether you’re into obscure items like rare vinyl albums or an activity junkie looking to try some guitar lessons, sites like Zola or My Registry allow you the flexibility to create your PERFECT list!

2. The Crowd-Sourced Registry

Couple riding in a car from Pexels | The Pink Bride®

Wishing for a big ticket item? Sites like Plum Fund and Simple Registry  allow you to break down items on your wishlist-like a new car- so that all your guests can contribute!

3. The Honeymoon Registry

Travel. Retro tourist luggage with colorful clothes | The Pink Bride®

Wishing for a honeymoon just out of your budget?  Honeyfund and Wanderable make it easy for your guests to contribute your your dream honeymoon! What better gift can you get than a trip to Bora Bora?

4. The Art Registry

Couple Hanging Picture on Wall | The Pink Bride®

Consider yourselves as more of the arts & culture couple? UGallery now makes it possible to register for original works of art! How cool?!

5. The Wine Registry

Wine cellar | The Pink Bride®

This one is for all my fellow winos! Bottlenotes allows you to easily create a registry of  your favorite wines. With a click of a button, your guests can send you your favorite bottle of chardonnay!

6. The New Home Registry

Couple sitting on their front porch photographed by Elizabeth Looney Photography | The Pink Bride®

Elizabeth Looney Photography

After your wedding, the next step is usually purchasing an equally fabulous house! Instead of traditional gifts, your guests can contribute donations to your down payment or renovation budget. With sites like Upon Our Star or Feather the Nest, buying your first home together just became a much less stressful endeavor!

7. The Gift Card Registry

Assortment of gift cards | The Pink Bride®

Card Avenue allows your guest to send you gift cards instead of cash. This option is perfect for couples that don’t have a lot of space to store a bunch of gifts right away!

8. The Donation Registry

Share Your Love photographed by Win Nondakowit | The Pink Bride®

Are you the “oh-so generous” couple? Crowdrise allows your guests to make donations to a charity of your choosing in lieu of gifts!

9. The Tech Registry

Couple using electronic devices on the couch from Prexel | The Pink Bride®

If you would rather have a hi-tech surround sound or the latest gadget, there is a registry for you! Best Buy now has a registry that offers everything from MacBook Pros to flat screen TVs!