Creating a welcome basket for your out of town guests is a great way to kick off your wedding weekend. Your guests will appreciate a bag of goodies after their travel. We have come up with the four essentials every welcome basket should include!

1. Snacks

Tennessee Walking Stick from Knoxville Chocolate Co. | The Pink Bride®

Appeal to everyone with a salty and sweet treat. Many of your guests may be famished after a day of travel. Local chocolates or other delicacies are a great way to introduce your guests to the area. Knoxville Chocolate Co. $47.50 per dozen


2. Drinks

Whiskey from Chattanooga Whiskey Co | The Pink Bride®

Add juice, soda, or alcohol to your guest’s basket to offer them an alternative to water. Incorporate your favorite beverages from local distilleries to give them a taste of the local life! Chattanooga Whiskey Works $33


3. Local Souvenirs

Local Souvenirs from Music City Suds | The Pink Bride®

Whether it is a bag of coffee from your favorite local coffee shop or a tea towel, give your guests a memento they can take home with them to remember the fabulous weekend! Music City Suds $25


4. Weekend Itinerary

Memphis Wedding Map & Itinerary from Etsy | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comProviding your guests with a map of the area and a schedule for the weekend will ensure everyone gets the most out of their time in your city! Etsy, $295


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Music City Suds

Knoxville Chocolate Co.

Chattanooga Whiskey Co.