There is more to building a registry than just taking a fancy device and scanning away at the store!

We reached out to real brides for some bride to bride advice on the topic of wedding registries. We asked them what they wish they had included and what items they didn’t actually use from their registries. Keep reading to see what they had to say!


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What do you wish you had included in your registry?

“I wish I had done a honeymoon registry so people could have just helped us with expenses that went towards the honeymoon.” -Kerri G.


“We registered for everything we wanted or needed. We’d been living together a few years and I’ve lived on my own for 10 years, so we had basically everything we needed. We registered for items we wanted to replace or things that I (the cook) really wanted.” -Kim C.


“More towels, sheets and pillows. Those things are expensive but well worth the money!”
-Rachele W.


“More things for our home like picture frames, decorations and specific kitchen appliances and utensils. Be very specific about what you would like and register for MORE than you think you’ll need. We ran into the issue of not registering for enough and we had a lot of repeats.” -Melissa E.


“We did not have a registry, encouraging our guests to forego gifts so that they could attend our day.” -Stacy P.


Wedding Registry Tips from Real Brides | 3Eight Photo Wedding Registry Tips from Real Brides | 3Eight Photo

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What did you include in your registry that you found you actually don’t need?

“I included some small things such as salt/pepper shakers that I really didn’t need someone to buy me. I wish I had included bigger items.” -Kerri G.


“A lot of kitchen appliances! Just because something is new and fancy does not mean you will use it!” -Rachele W.


“Might sound weird, but we actually needed everything we registered for.” -Melissa E.


“Way too many Pyrex dishes!” -Jessica W.


“We received a bunch of dishware that, at the moment, we don’t use because we are renting a very small house. However, I know, once we buy our house they will be used plenty.” -Christine J.


Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind before going to register with your future spouse:

  • Have an idea of what color scheme/decor theme you want to have within your household
  • Make a list of must-have items to add to your registry
  • Include items of all price ranges to give your guests plenty of options to fit within their budget
  • Keep all receipts from wedding showers, just in case you get duplicate gifts on the wedding day

We’d love to hear your own wedding registry advice! Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.