Use bright colors the right way

Bright colors can be overwhelming and be intimidating at times. When the right combination of colors is put together, however,  it can be an absolute dream! This combination of three bright colors is splendid for a summer wedding. These soft and bright shades are a perfect reflection of fun summer vibes and will make your wedding an exciting and entertaining event for all of your guests. 


Primary colors

Primary colors are always the best colors to use when you want something to stand out. Red, blue, and yellow are the simplest and boldest colors in any color palette, so this means that they always make an impact, especially when they are grouped together. This softer version of the three primary colors will help you create a bold look and maintain elegance and maturity with your wedding colors.


A fresh and festive burst of colors

Warm weather and refreshing sunlight make summer all about bright and loud colors! Say goodbye to maroon, forest green, and any other dark shades, and bring back airy and soft colors that make you feel awake and alive! With clear blue skies, any light shade of blue is always fitting for a summer wedding. Pink is a classic wedding color that looks great pretty much during any season. Yellow is the perfect finish in this wedding color palette! It is the brightest and adds that extra splash of color that perfectly ties it all together to create the ideal summer wedding color palette.

A Burst Of Color Wedding Color Board With Bleached Aqua Buttercup & Camellia Rose Details | The Pink Bride®


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