Brides in attendance at this season’s Chattanooga Pink Bridal Show just might get a fun (read: cash) surprise at The Pink Bride’s July 20th show. Not every bride will be entered into this special drawing, however.


Pink Bride t-shirt sold by The Pink Bride

If you wear your “Bride” shirt from The Pink Bride’s Pink Shirt Collection, you’ll receive a special ticket that’s entered into a drawing at the end of the show. Fred Jacob, President and CEO of The Pink Bride, will randomly draw five winners from all the entered numbers between 3 and 4pm at the Chattanooga Pink Bridal Show. If your number is called, and you’re wearing your “Bride” shirt from the Pink Shirt Collection, you’ll win a sweet cash prize. Talk about an incentive to wear your shirt to the Pink Bridal Show!


Brides who previously attended a Pink Bridal Show may recall that wearing a shirt from the Pink Shirt Collection to the show granted the wearer free admission, but The Pink Bride ended that option with the conclusion of the Winter 2014 show season. While wearing a shirt from the Pink Shirt Collection no longer grants the wearer free admission to a Pink Bridal Show, it could give the wearer an opportunity to win cash and other fab prizes during the show.


Shirts from the Pink Shirt Collection by The Pink Bride | The Pink Bride


Here are the specifics to be eligible to win:

–       Must be wearing a “Bride” shirt from the Pink Shirt Collection, either purchased through The Pink Bride online or during the Pink Bridal Show in the Pink Room

–       Must be present at the time of the drawing to win

–       Must be able to prove that your number is the one drawn by relinquishing your ticket at the stage


If you’re the winner, I’ll snap your picture at the stage as you receive your prize!


Pink Room at the Chattanooga Pink Bridal Show | The Pink Bride


PLEASE NOTE: Shirt sizes go fast in the Pink Room at Pink Bridal Shows, so purchasing your shirt online at least 10 days in advance to the show is suggested. The Pink Bride may not be held liable for running out of the proper shirt sizes at any Pink Bridal Show.