Take a different approach to achieve a nature-themed wedding.

We often see nature-themed weddings that are centered around forests, woodlands, mountains, oceans, and gardens. While these types of weddings are beautiful, we often forget that nature encompasses all things that exist naturally, and this includes planets and outer space too. Of course, florals are still absolutely necessary for every wedding, but using outer space as inspiration will really make your day unique and special. Incorporate details that reflect both the solid, bold, and metallic colors that are often thought of when it comes to space like midnight blue, gold, and black. Holographic details can also beautiful and can be used to add more shine to your wedding. The sky is not the limit when it comes to your big day.

Fill your wedding with the most beautiful elements of the universe.

The sun, moons, and the stars are by far some of the most fascinating things that exist in our world. For centuries people have been stargazing and studying stars because they never cease to amaze us. They are the little lights in the night sky that make our eyes widen and cause us to have this childlike wonder about what exists in the rest of the world. People even make time to make sure they have the best seats to view rare celestial events because we truly appreciate the different views nature offers for us to see. Brings these elements to your big day and create a world of wonder for your friends and family. Make it a sight they will not want to miss.

A wedding theme fit for any bride’s style!

This color palette is simple, yet classy and elegant. It works well for a bride who does not want to do too much but still wants to have a wedding that is not similar to many others. However, this palette only reflects the very few colors that exist in outer space. There are many vibrant colors that exist outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. Going for this theme means that you can go as simple or as colorful as you would like. It is also very fitting for any style, so whether it means a modern and sleek wedding or a boho-chic wedding, you can’t really go wrong with a celestial theme that is out of this world.

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Celestial Celebration Wedding Color Palette Inspiration Board With Midnight Blue Gold and Black Details | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com


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