Picture this: a warm, salty breeze, a sun dappled gazebo underneath a canopy of live oaks, and the distant sound of waves gently crashing onto the shore. Romantic, right? Well, that is the exact scene of Kayla and Lance’s dreamy Charleston wedding, and we are obsessed! Photographed by Rae of Light Photography Works, the pictures from their special day are so full of love and joy that you can’t help smiling when you look at them!

Bride and groom kissing on beachby Rae of Light Photography | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Planning From Afar

Planning any wedding is a monumental task, but a destination wedding is even more difficult! It has all the stresses of regular wedding planning, but done from afar. When asked if planning was as difficult as she imagined, Kayla mentioned this struggle.

“It was stressful at times because the planning process was 100% by phone or email since we were having a destination wedding, but our Reynolds Treasures wedding coordinator was absolutely wonderful and kept the whole process simple for us.”

As difficult as planning a destination wedding can be, having a great coordinator can really help to ease your burden. Plus, the end result is totally worth the trouble!


Taking Advantage of the Location

Charleston is a truly beautiful city with unique and amazing history, architecture, and culture. In the White Point Garden on Charleston’s Battery, where Kayla and Lance had their ceremony, there isn’t much that can be done to make the area even more beautiful than it already is. As far as a wedding theme, Kayla knew that not much was needed to give her wedding the look she wanted, she let the city do the work for her! “Simplicity. We used the natural beauty of Downtown Charleston.”

Wedding ceremony in Charleston in White Point Garden at the Battery by Rae of Light Photography | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

A Private Moment

After a wonderful but long wedding day, sometimes the bride and groom can be completely worn out. Taking a minute to just be together and celebrate the fact that you are now married is so important and special! In fact, this time was what Kayla mentioned when we asked what the most memorable part of the day was for her. “At the end of the day, taking sunset pictures on the beach. We were able to just be with each other as husband and wife with the stress of the wedding day behind us.” We just love that they were able to have some time to themselves, enjoy the beautiful beach, and take some unforgettable pictures!

Married couple sit on South Carolina beach at Sunset by Rae of Light Photography | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Love All Around

Lance and Kayla’s wedding day was filled to the brim with love, happiness, and beauty. It is exactly what we’ve all dreamed of having! Rae of Light Photography Works did such great work capturing this happy couple’s stunning day, and we are just obsessed with all the photographs!

Collage of bride and groom on wedding day in Charleston, SC by Rae of Light Photography | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Congrats Kayla and Lance, from all of us at The Pink Bride!


Photographer: Rae of Light Photography Works

Wedding Coordinator: Reynolds Treasures

Florist: Island Bouquets

Bridal Shop: Annie’s Room