Steven and Leah planned a stunning Chattanooga engagement session on the lake with romantic details and fab attire choices that’ll leave you swooning.


Chattanooga lake engagement by Bamber Photography | The Pink Bride Chattanooga lake engagement by Bamber Photography | The Pink Bride Chattanooga lake engagement by Bamber Photography | The Pink Bride Chattanooga lake engagement by Bamber Photography | The Pink Bride



Leah Lillios + Steven King

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 Featured in the Summer 2012 Chattanooga Pink Bride Magazine



LOVE STORY:  Steve and I met by a chance encounter through a mutual friend, Millie. What was supposed to be a girls’ day out at a local street festival ended up with an extra invited guest. I was not excited about the third wheel, especially an attorney from “west” side (I’m a yoga instructor who owns a studio on the “east” side). Yet, it turned out to be a great day all together. At the end of the afternoon, Millie announced she was off to a birthday party. So Steve and I, not having any other plans and enjoying each other’s company, decided to hang out together. We realized that very day that our differences were only skin deep, and we had a lot more in common than we initially thought. We shared many similar experiences and visions about the future. So from the start we agreed we would wait a year…

We spent that first year traveling – to Chicago, the Bahamas, Kiawah Island, VA & NC mountains, Utah – each trip we excused saying it was an anniversary: one month, four months, etc. For our one-year anniversary, we decided to go to Palm Springs, CA, to explore the date farms and try a little dirt bike motorcycling in the desert. Neither of us had ridden off road, but we thought it sounded fun. On our first day of riding we rode out to an area appropriately named the ‘pumpkin patch’ (we met at Oktoberfest!). So after a snack atop a nearby hill, Steve managed to kneel next to me (I was sitting on the side of the hill) and began “I’ve had a really great year…”

PHOTOGRAPHER:  I found the Bamber team completely by accident – in fact, I found them through The Pink Bride magazine. I was so excited about our engagement, I picked up every bridal mag I could get my hands on for ideas. I was at a loss for a photographer. I didn’t have any good recommendations and the few that I did have were booked already. Who knew you needed to be engaged for over 6 months! But, so many stories extolled John & Lindsey, and I loved their photos, so I dropped them a line. It was fate! One of their weddings had been moved, and our wedding date had just opened up on their calendar. I still can’t believe it!

The engagement session was a breeze! John was so adorable, patient and candid. Steve and I both think he is the easiest and nicest guy to be around. We drove from my parents’ house to my family’s cabin on Lake Ocoee. The drive was a great way to get to know one another. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and so fun to share this special place and honor it in such a beautiful way. John really captured the essence of the lake and the cabin. It’s where we go to relax and to have fun together, so the photo shoot was just that: relaxing and fun!

WEDDING THEME:  Being a yoga instructor, with a Greek father and coming from a small Southern town, I envision our day as a true blend of honoring my cultural heritage, organic in nature with traditions at the heart. Words that come to mind include vintage, unique, natural, fun and intentional.



Photographer: Bamber Photography