As anyone who is planning a wedding knows, there are a million details that must be decided on before your big day. Your wedding palette is one of those details, and it’s one of the first decisions you need to make! This needs to be done early simply because so many of the other details, like linens and bridesmaids gowns and flowers, will come in the colors that you have chosen. If you have decided on an all-inclusive wedding venue, like the beautiful Carahills I in Memphis, your wedding colors are one of the things you’ll want to have confirmed so that the planners at Carahills can get to work! Some brides immediately know what colors they want, but for others, it isn’t such an easy decision. If you’re one of those brides who isn’t sure where to start, read our tips below for some ideas on how to choose your wedding colors!

White 3 tiered cake with pink flowers and blue tablecloth photographed by Remember When Studios | The Pink Bride®

1. Consider Your Wedding Theme/Style

While there are always exceptions, there are some colors that just don’t go with certain themes. For example, you probably won’t see lime green at a rustic barn wedding. Consider what you want your wedding to be overall, and that will help you narrow down some color choices.

Bride with pink and white bouquet and groom in navy blue suit, reception tables in pink and blue by Remember When Studios | The Pink Bride®

2. Consult Your Wedding Professionals

Your wedding professionals are there for a reason! They want to help you! The wonderful folks at Carahills I would be more than happy to share some thoughts and advice on some colors that would go well with your wedding. With years of experience under their belts, wedding professionals know better than anyone which color palettes accentuate a wedding and which are more distracting.

Bride and groom kissing on stairs while wedding party playfully points and jokes, photographed by remember when studios | The Pink Bride®

3. And Consult Your Squad!

Nobody knows you better than your friends! It is definitely helpful to ask your friends their opinions on the best colors for your wedding. In addition to them helping you, it’s nice to give them the opportunity to remind you that red is simply NOT their color and they would appreciate if you didn’t ask them to wear a red gown.

Bride with bridesmaids wearing blush gowns and groom in navy suit with groomsmen, photographed by Remember When Studios | The Pink Bride®

4. Remember Your Elementary Education

Remember learning about the color wheel and complementary colors in your elementary art class? If you don’t remember, the basic idea is that colors across from each other on the color wheel are complementary and look best together. So orange and blue, yellow and purple, red and green, and so on and so forth. If you’re really stumped on color choice, looking at a color wheel is a really simple way to decide! However, there are of course exceptions to every rule. Blues and pinks are pretty close to each other on the color wheel, but as these pictures prove, they look amazing together! You can’t really go wrong by choosing colors close to each other, but if you’re totally lost it can be helpful to think back to art class!

Collage of wedding with a blush pink and navy blue theme, including blush wedding gown photographed by Remember When Studios | The Pink Bride®

5. Trust Yourself

If all else fails, just pick your favorite 2-3 colors and make those your wedding colors! There must be a reason you love those colors, right?? We personally think this blush and dark blue palette is lovely, but your wedding is all about you, and the color palette should reflect that! Trust yourself, pick some colors, and then relax. You can check that task off your list, and now your wedding professionals at Carahills I can get started on the rest of your wedding planning!

Flower girl in white and navy blue dress and bride in blush pink gown by Remember When Studios | The Pink Bride®



All-Inclusive Venue: Carahills I

Photographer: Remember When Studios