You’ve set the date and booked the venue. Now it’s time to start envisioning the colors that will complement your wedding vision!

If you’re looking to turn heads and add drama to your wedding, red is definitely the color that will end your search! Dynamic and powerful, red is the color of passion, love and desire. In the Western world and in Eastern Culture, red is seen as a symbol of prosperity, good fortune and vitality. Red is is a color associated with life across many religions and the perfect choice for any couple that is seeking to add a powerful burst of vibrant color to their special day. Choosing a red color theme can identify you as an optimistic, confident and outgoing individual.

Red creates contrast with most colors making it perfect for a summer wedding. Of course, red is a must-have for a holiday themed or retro wedding.



Wedding Colors: Red Meaning, Palettes, Inspiration | The Pink Bride®


When selecting your colors, consider the shade of red that fits your personality and wedding vision. 



Shades of red meanings infographic | The Pink Bride®




Red weddings are not limited to one strong, passionate song. You can blend red with secondary colors to change the notes and add more depth both visually and symbolically.

To soften the boldness of red, you can introduce pink. This feminine and often gentle color will blend seamlessly with red to create a more balanced and harmonious color palette.




Burgandy, red and pink color palette with images by Danielle Evans Photography | The Pink Bride®



You could add a splash of orange to warm up red even further with a friendly and energetic vibe. This analogous combination is wonderful for fall weddings, reminiscent of fire, and will add some heat to the palette.

Another option is to brighten up your celebration with a happy burst of yellow. This will lighten the bold, sometimes heavy passion of red and will make your wedding more welcoming and gleeful.



Red, orange and yellow color palette with images by Jenette Leigh Photography | The Pink Bride®



Ground the explosion of red with earthy green to it will add a natural, more organic look. As complementary colors, red and green magnify the other’s color and make the other seem even brighter. Be aware that this combination is often associated with winter holidays in Western culture, but that doesn’t not mean it should be avoided. If your heart is set on this combination outside of the holiday season, experiment with different shades to find the perfect feel for your big day.

Cool off fiery red with blue to calm your color palette. Blue is soothing and balanced. As a secondary color, blue can set the stage for red to stand out and shine like a true diva color.



Turquoise, red and orange color palette with images by Danielle Evans Photography | The Pink Bride®



For an unexpected and unique combination, add some purple! Creative and spiritual, purple will balance red like blue, but with less contrast of warm and cool. As an analogous color, purple is in harmony with red and will create a rich, luxurious atmosphere.

For the truly grand at heart, adding gold will lift the celebration and give red a more rich depth. This decadent color complements red and creates an air of royalty and opulence.

If gold is not your style, silver is a great option for adding a sense of modern luxury without evoking the traditional grandness that comes with gold. Silver is classic and glamorous, cooling down red, but still allowing it to be the star of the color palette.

For ultimate drama and maximum pop of red color, choose black as a secondary color for your red weddings. Formal and sophisticated, black will provide a backdrop for red to shine its brightest! Be wary of using too much of this color as it can sometimes get too heavy or overwhelm the senses.

If a pop of color is your aim, but black is too heavy a color option, consider gray. Sleek and subtle, gray is perfect for complimenting a strong color, while creating a modern, versatile feel. It is no wonder that this neutral color has been trending over the last couple years!



Red wedding inspriation with images by Ashley Dorton Photography & Phototech Photography | The Pink Bride®

Burgundy and red wedding inspriation with images by Ashley Dorton Photography | The Pink Bride®

Whatever color combination of red you select one thing holds true: Red weddings command attention with boldness and passion. Framed in a fiery explosion of color, you can stride down the aisle with love and confidence.