Most girls do it everyday. But the truth is applying makeup is a real art.


Although you apply it each morning, doing your makeup for your engagement pictures or your wedding is a whole different story. It takes skill and a lot of knowledge to perfect your makeup for the camera. So, whether you are planning to do it yourself or are planning to hire a professional, it is important to know some of the basic tips for achieving well-photographed makeup.


This week, I spoke with Tri-cities makeup artist Ren Allen, owner of Faces by Ren, to learn some tips on how to achieve flawlessly photographed makeup. Read on for Ren’s helpful tips!

{Cosmetic Magic: Tips to Flawless Wedding Day Makeup} | The Pink Bride Blog | Image courtesy of Keith Dixon Studios



1.Pick a primer


While primer is becoming increasingly popular for everyday wear, it often slips brides’ minds when planning their makeup essentials for their wedding day. With a specific primer for just about every part of your face and every skin type, Ren says this handy product helps improve all facets of your look.


“Primers are huge. For instance, an eyeshadow primer can hold your eyeshadow on all day long and into the evening, while making it look more polished and make the colors pop more. If you don’t know that is what it takes to make eyeshadow look its best, you’re going to keep putting eyeshadow on and wonder why it doesn’t look good, doesn’t stay put or creases up. Looking into primers for all different areas of the face is crucial. There are primers for eyeshadow; if you have oily, dry or whatever skin, there is a primer for your face. There is a primer to hold your lipstick on; there’s primer to make your lashes bigger. So, consider primers and what they can do for you to make your makeup look its best and stay on the longest.”






2. Foundation can be finicky


Some girls love a light foundation that’s easy to wear on an everyday basis. Others, love full-coverage, flawless foundation even though it can often times feel heavy. Regardless of your preference, Ren says chances are your everyday foundation is not as perfect for photography as it is for everyday life.


“Your foundation that you love and wear every single day may not be the best foundation to wear on your wedding day or to an engagement shoot. A flash is often used and has to be used for any kind of professional photography. There is going to be some fill light at some point even in an outdoor wedding. Some foundations are not photo-friendly. They may be great for everyday; you may love it and wear it all the time, but it may not be the best choice for photography. So, you need to find out ahead of time. My recommendation is to consider airbrush makeup because it’s the lightest weight, the most flawless and the longest wear. It just feels like there is nothing on the skin if it is done correctly.”


{Cosmetic Magic: Tips to Flawless Wedding Day Makeup} | The Pink Bride Blog | Image courtesy of Keith Dixon Studios



{Cosmetic Magic: Tips to Flawless Wedding Day Makeup} | The Pink Bride Blog | Image courtesy of Keith Dixon Studios



3. Seasonal precautions


Whether you are getting married in the heat of summer of the harshest of winter, there are going to be certain precautions you must take in order to achieve the right amount of glow. Ren suggests brides should always come prepared for the weather.


“For spring and summer brides, or brides who have a shine and have more oil in their skin, keep a high-definition powder or blotting papers nearby. Have someone help you keep that close, so that if you start to get some shine, you can quickly touch up or blot it and keep the shine to a minimum during your wedding. Fall and winter brides can get more dehydrated skin depending on their skin type. So, you can use a face mist; there is one with herbs, one with vitamins or ones with minerals. These help add moisture without any oil. It’s a way to give a boost of hydration both before and after makeup. This helps give you that glow.”







4. Happy skin is well-adjusted skin


It’s one of your biggest wedding day nightmares, right? No bride wants to wake up on the day she is suppose to feel more beautiful than ever with a completely broken-out face. That’s why brides try facial after facial, treatment after treatment, and remedy after remedy to avoid this dreadful possibility. While there is nothing wrong with warding off the dreaded wedding-morning blemish, Ren suggests jump starting this ritual well before the wedding in order to avoid any unwanted reactions.


“If you are going to do facials or skin treatments, don’t start them the week of your wedding. Get partnered up with an esthetician ahead of time, or, if you are going to try any kind of skincare treatment yourself, like a DIY at home treatment, do it ahead of time. Start as far ahead of time as you can and work with your skin over time to make sure that your skin doesn’t get angry the week of your wedding. That way you don’t try something new that your skin reacts to. That’s the worst thing ever.”


{Cosmetic Magic: Tips to Flawless Wedding Day Makeup} | The Pink Bride Blog | Image courtesy of Keith Dixon Studios


5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate


I can pretty much guarantee you the last thing you will be thinking about a few hours before you walk down the aisle is drinking water. But, if you want to glow as you walk down that aisle, you better hydrate. As Ren explains, dehydration can cause many unwanted cosmetic results. So, if you aren’t going to be thinking about it, make sure someone is thinking about it for you!


{Cosmetic Magic: Tips to Flawless Wedding Day Makeup} | The Pink Bride Blog | Image courtesy of Keith Dixon Studios


“Of course, hydrate! Keep drinking water and keep water with you. Make someone hand you water as much as possible because you do get dehydrated, and that causes dark circles, skin that doesn’t glow or dull, dry skin. You need to drink water.


Ren would love to help do your makeup for your special day! For more information, visit her website or connect with her on Facebook. Tell Ren The Pink Bride sent you!


Images courtesy of Keith Dixon Studios.