Being a regular bride or groom and planning your wedding is stressful enough, but adding a global pandemic to the mix? Unheard of. While some people are running out to Costco every hour on the hour to hoard toilet paper and others are on self-lockdown, you may now be pondering what to do about one of the biggest days of your life scheduled for Spring 2020. While we don’t have all the answers or even most of them about COVID-19, we are still here to help you navigate your wedding amongst the corona chaos. 

The impact of COVID-19 (or coronavirus) and wedding worries | featured on The Pink Bride®

Should you postpone?

Unfortunately, if your wedding or honeymoon is in the next 8-10 weeks and the guest count is more than 50 people, you might want to consider postponing it. As heartbreaking as that it is, your health & safety along with all of your close loved ones’ needs to be priority right now. You don’t want to start out your marriage with a fear of either of you contracting this or your nearest and dearest. Here is the CDC’s full statement on gatherings of 50 people or more released on 3/15/20. Discuss with your partner, your family, and even your venue to find the best route to take.

If you have to postpone…

As soon as you’ve made your decision to postpone, work as quickly as possible to get in touch with your vendors. Start with venues FIRST to secure a future date then work your way down the list. Try to be as flexible as you possibly can. Consider a Thursday, Friday, or Sunday wedding instead of a Saturday. Once a new date is finalized, update your other vendors asap, so they can prepare appropriately. Even before a new date has been finalized, reach out to guests! This would be a great opportunity to enlist help from MOBs, MOGs, MOHs, and others. 

What about the honeymoon?

Check with your resort or travel agent to see if you can also postpone it to later in the year. Remember, you don’t have to take it right after your wedding for it to be romantic & a celebration of your new marriage!

Think about a wedding planner!

If you’ve hired one already, great! Talk with them about changing your wedding plans. They will be able to help you get in touch with vendors, renegotiate any costs, and will know your contracts in and out. Also, they usually have personal relationships with other vendors and can hopefully use those to your advantage! If you haven’t hired a planner already, now may be a great time to do so to help with the stress and workload. 

Try to have an open mind!

We understand. Some of you have been planning this day since you were a kid or maybe some of you only intensely for the past year, either way, this is a major hiccup. (Hiccup actually doesn’t even begin to cover it, but what do you call a global pandemic in the mix of planning your big day?) However, being more open-minded can reduce your stress and those around you even just a little. Consider a completely new day, season, theme, or event type. 

Remember, we’re all figuring out this COVID-19 stuff together without really knowing a whole lot about it. That includes your spouse-to-be, your family and friends who so desperately want to celebrate your love, your vendors who are trying to figure out reschedule dates and running a business at the same time. We’ll get through it together and at the end of the day, you’re still getting married to your person! Even if it’s not where or when you initially imagined. The marriage is what’s most important about a wedding anyways. 

We are working with our wedding pros and others in the surrounding communities to help couples know who, where, when, and what is available, so stay tuned to our social media for any announcements!