In Part 1 of my DIY mini-series, I chatted a little about the first three myths surrounding DIY weddings that I hear most often from Tennessee brides (and brides all over the country)! The thing about DIY weddings to remember is that wedding professionals tend to pull amazing feats off in little time, with so much expertise, that they make it look almost easy – when it most certainly is not.

In fact, you’d need a whole team of experienced people to help you create the same look and feel as a wedding professional on your big day. What kind of look am I talking about? Just take a gander at the following images by Overbay Photography, taken at an elegant, totally professional (and breathtaking!) Tennessee wedding. It had very few — if any — DIY details. The images are fabulous and completely timeless, all because the bride reached out to wedding professionals in each part of the planning process. It’s worth noting that basically none of the decorations and details seen in these images could have been created by amateurs at the event.

Knowing this, will even a whole slew of experienced friends be enough to make you a successful DIY bride? Read on for three more DIY wedding myths to know before you grab your arts-and-crafts kit and a bolt of lace or two!

Bridal shoes next to Tennessee wedding ceremony program, taken by Overbay Photography

Myth #4: If you work hard enough, your DIY wedding efforts will render the same results as a professional’s.

I have seen brides and maids work tirelessly for months to save money with a DIY wedding. Despite my strong encouragements that they consider relinquishing tasks to a pro, they keep at it. Then when wedding day comes, they often find that the decorations don’t quite fit well with the venue space, the hot glue can’t be trusted to keep projects in one piece, and some items were forgotten altogether or half-way completed…and that’s just the beginning. While going DIY can definitely save you money (if you stay focused and organized), it costs you so much more in the form of a less-than-perfect end result. On the most important day of your life, is that really worth it?

Tennessee wedding reception under clear tent with chandelier and candles floating in pool, taken by Overbay Photography

Custom event lighting on patio at Tennessee wedding reception at night, taken by Overbay Photography

Myth #5: Family and friends are totally capable of handling the big tasks on wedding day.

Despite their encouraging words and offers to help, family and friends should be guests at your wedding, not your hired help. Besides, just because Aunt Sue heads up the annual family reunion and cooks buffet style for 50 members of your family at once does not prepare her for the intricacies of serving food at your wedding. Just because Uncle Bob takes pictures of your family at the park each spring does not mean he’ll be the best option for your wedding pictures.

Not only can asking family and friends to help strain your relationships, but it also often leads to your wishes being translated loosely into something else. The worst part? You can’t fire family and friends, and you can’t address them honestly without damaging the relationship. Avoid yet another bridezilla moment, and work with professionals whose one focus for the day will be to make you happy with a successful wedding and celebration.

White petal wedding cake and bride and groom toasting flutes at Tennessee wedding reception, taken by Overbay Photography

Bride and groom first dance at Tennessee wedding reception with draping and lighting under clear tent, taken by Overbay Photography

Myth #6: Having a large bridal party is all you need to pull off a DIY wedding.

If this were really true, don’t you think there’d be more DIY success stories around than stories about DIY blunders? Absolutely. However, and unfortunately, the blunders are what get remembered the most. They’re also far more likely to occur than the successes unless you’ve been a wedding professional yourself all your life!

Much like Myth #5 above alludes, you can’t expect to trick a whole slew of people into thinking they’re honored friends with bridal party badges just so you can use them for every ounce of sweat they’re worth. As I stated in my series on how to tell if you’re entering bridezilla territory, while your wedding day is indeed the most important day in your foreseeable future, it’s simply an exciting time for members of your bridal party. In other words, they still will have their own lives, priorities, and situations to deal with outside of your wedding. This means that they likely won’t have hours or even days to dedicate solely to your projects. Take my advice: choose your maids wisely and limit your DIY wedding projects to just a few. You’ll be glad you did later…and so will your bridal party!

Sparkler exit of bride and groom after Tennessee wedding reception, taken by Overbay Photography

So what’s the bottom line to pairing DIY with weddings? Pick your DIY projects like you pick your battles around wedding day – wisely, and with few and far between.

It’s your wedding day, and you only get one chance at it. Even if you remarry down the line or even renew your vows, you won’t get a redo of this day. Make it count by choosing professionals to bring your vision to life, keep your relationships in tact, give your guests something positive to chat about for months, and help you avoid stress and regrets on the biggest day of your life!



Images courtesy of Knoxville wedding photography company, Overbay Photography.