You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now comes the fun (and sometimes hard) part: planning your wedding. There are endless possibilities and ideas for any type of wedding you can imagine from a DIY celebration of 50 guests to a blowout bash of 300. With that many options, you might not know where to even start. We’ve listed our top wedding planning go-tos to help start you in the right direction!

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Be Open & Communicative

From the get-go, be open about your feelings, thoughts, and contributions when in discussions with not only your fiancé, but also your family, wedding party, and your wedding professionals. You don’t want to book something or say yes when you’re really unsure and regret it later on.

Do Your Homework

Wedding planning is not always easy and is sometimes in a world completely on its own. That’s why doing your research before you start planning can definitely save you later on. Find out realistic costs for wedding items and professionals in your area. Consider the time of year you’re wanting to get married in. Get savvy on wedding industry terms. Before meetings with potential wedding professionals, take a look at their website and social media. Have a good idea of what they offer, and any questions you may want to ask them.

Find Out Your Must-Haves

Each of you has something that you really want present at your wedding. For you, it may be the perfect venue to set the tone, but for him, it may be an amazing assortment of delicious food. Sit down separately, create a list of two or three aspects that are in your dream wedding, and then compare the lists with one another. Talk through each and discuss why it’s important to you. If some things can be combined, you want a great time for guests and he wants a dance party, that works perfectly! If they aren’t alike at all, choose one from each list and mutually decide on a third that is important to both of you.

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Set Your Budget

The often most dreaded aspect of wedding planning is the budget. My tip is the earlier the better, and get it over with! Start by having an open and honest discussion with your spouse-to-be about where you both stand on finances and how much you’re comfortable spending. Then talk with any family members who plan on contributing. With the research you’ve already put together, you’ll know what is normal and how much you’re setting aside to budget for.

Stay On Track

Keeping up with all of these details is hard work in itself, but is an absolute necessity when it comes to wedding planning! Stay on top of what you already have, what you need, and what you’re spending with checklists!

Figure Out the Vision

Whether it’s from Pinterest, social media, or within the pages of our Tennessee Weddings magazine, start marking the images that make your heart beat a little faster. After a first sweep, go through and narrow it down to the main recurrent themes and colors. This will help when choosing your wedding professionals and decor!

Engaged & Confused | Wedding Planning 101 | CRUphoto | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.comBook Your Venue Early On


By booking your venue in the early stages of planning, you can potentially cross off multiple to-do’s from your list! Set the date? Check. Set the tone? Check. And even perhaps, booking multiple wedding professionals if your chosen venue is all-inclusive.

Don’t Let Pinterest Take Over

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by ideas, especially when It comes to Pinterest. However, it can be detrimental to wedding planning! Use it as a tool, but not a complete guide for your day. Find ideas you like and are able to realistically recreate with your wedding professionals within your budget to not get disappointed later on.

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Be Flexible

Wedding planning does not go as expected 100% of the time. You have to be flexible about it, or you’ll drive yourself crazy. Things happen, your ideal venue is booked two years out or the weather forecast doesn’t look good, but it all works out in the end because…

The Day Is About Love

Don’t forget what the day is about! You and your spouse, your love, your families becoming one, and a start of your new family. Simple as that.

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What is your biggest worry when it comes to wedding planning?


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