Weddings and flowers go hand-in-hand! I mean, bouquets, centerpieces, you name it! Even if you’re not wanting your wedding decked head-to-toe in flowers, they’re likely to be present in one form or another which is followed with a price tag. In order to combat a heavy expense in the budget, some brides are considering faux florals instead of fresh blooms for their big day.

While artificial flowers do offer some great benefits like no seasonal upcharges, no wilting in humid climates, and the easiness to arrange in advance, they do have some downsides too. Most important of those are that nice silk flowers (meaning the ones that actually look real) are usually just as expensive as regular blooms if not more in some cases. So if you’re still considering going faux, keep reading for a quick rundown of when you should and shouldn’t use fake flowers in your wedding!

Boxwood Hedge with Calligraphy Sign and Paper Flowers | Faux Florals: Yay or Nay? | photo by Finch Photo | The Pink Bride®
Darla Walker Events | photo by Finch Photo

Flower Girls

The go-to way for most brides to introduce fake flowers in their wedding is definitely with those cute little flower girls. Whether it’s to keep their flower crowns intact with rambunctious kiddos or to preserve the petals in their basket, using faux florals is a great idea! Also, some churches or historical venues, don’t allow real petals, so always be sure to ask ahead of time and plan in case you need to use artificial replacements!

Hanging Centerpieces

Hanging centerpieces are so stunning and definitely takes your decor up a notch, however, some real blooms don’t stand the test for this look. For major installations, using artificial flowers is sometimes best. Since these are mostly for looks, no one will be touching to double check if they’re real or fake too!

Wedding Backdrop with Hashtag and Paper Flowers | Faux Florals: Yay or Nay? | photo by Kadee's Approach Photography | The Pink Bride®
Kadee’s Approach Photography


Using floral replacements as backdrops or as a part of a backdrop is a super popular option right now! For instance, fake boxwood for escort card displays, photo booths, and even as entrances has a totally chic look without needing to transport actual hedges into your ceremony. Paper flowers are another way to add a little something extra to your photo booth or decor also!


If you, your hubby-to-be, or a number of prominent players in your wedding party are highly allergic to flowers or greenery, faux florals are definitely a better option for you! It beats sneezing and blotchy skin on your wedding day for sure.

Hanging Florals Behind Wedding Bar | Faux Florals: Yay or Nay? | photo by Finch Photo | The Pink Bride®
Darla Walker Events with Samuel Franklin Floral | photo by Finch Photo


While faux florals are great for other areas of your wedding, try to keep your bouquets, especially yours, strictly real. There is just something about real flowers and their natural fragrance that makes it so special!

Other Personal Flowers

Along with your bouquets, getting real flowers for the rest of your gang is nice too! This includes boutonnieres for the guys and corsages for any ladies like your mom and grandma! While they might not last forever, they’ll be meaningful on the day of.

Eye Catching Centerpieces

If you’re envisioning lavish, lush centerpieces adorning your tables, stick with regular flowers! People will be swooning over them and dying to get a closer look, so you’ll definitely want real blooms to really push them over the edge!

White Rose, Sea Holly, & Merlot Dahlia Floral Arrangement | Faux Florals: Yay or Nay? | photo by Tara Kneiser Photography | The Pink Bride®
Melissa Timm Designs | photo by Tara Kneiser Photography