Bridal showers are all about having fun and celebrating the bride-to-be! A great way to do that is to play bridal shower games. It allows people who may not know each other very well interact and get to know each other, plus the games are just an absolute blast! Whoever is planning the shower should try to pick a handful of games that fit the personality of the bride and that she would genuinely enjoy. For some game ideas, here are some of our absolute favorite bridal shower games!

1. Wed Libs

Bridal shower wedding libs from Something Turquoise | The Pink Bride®

Similar to the popular childhood game Mad Libs, Wed Libs guarantees some hilarious moments! Create a handful of different sheets, asks your guests to partner up and fill them out, and then let everyone share their Wed Libs! You’ll all be laughing and having fun in no time because this game is absolutely hysterical!

2. Trivia Games

Bridal shower trivia game from The TomKat Studio | The Pink Bride®

Everyone loves trivia games! Not only are they super entertaining, but you have endless options for what the trivia should be about. You can do something that a large number of people might know, like movie quotes, or things that are very specific to the bride, just to see if anyone knows the answers! Come up with a fun prize for whoever wins the trivia games, and we promise everyone will have a blast playing!

3. What’s on Your Phone

"Whats on your phone"bridal shower game from Say I Do Printables via Etsy | The Pink Bride®

This is a hilarious game that can get a little wild! Depending on what questions you include on the list, you may learn some very interesting things about your guests! In the lower point categories have items that are pretty common: a selfie, a social media app, a phone case, etc. For the higher point categories, come up with more unusual items like a custom case, a huge number of pictures, or, to find out who has been planning for the upcoming wedding, anything about the wedding!

4. Bridal Bingo

Bridal shower game "bridal bingo" from Petite25 Etsy Shop | The Pink Bride®

For a very simple game that is also super fun, include Bridal Bingo in your bridal shower! Have guests fill out their bingo card before the bride opens her gifts, and whoever is the first to get five correct gifts in a row is the winner! This is another game that allows guests to feel included in the shower, and that is the goal!

5. Guess the Dress

Guess the dress game to play at bridal shower from Say I Do Printables via Etsy | The Pink Bride®

If the bride hasn’t yet found her dress or hasn’t shared pictures of it with anyone, then this is a great game! The guests can draw on the card what style gown they think the bride will end up wearing at her wedding; artistic ability not required! Be sure to have everyone write their name on their card and save all the cards so that after the wedding you can share who was closest to being right!

6. Ring Toss

Pink and gold ring toss game for bridal shower from Ether and Smith | The Pink Bride®

Ring toss is a great option if you’re looking for a game that requires a little bit of physical skill! Guests of all ages can enjoy this game, which is great if there are kids present. They can stay entertained with ring toss while the adults play some of the more mature games!

7. Bridal Jeopardy

Bridal shower jeopardy game from Me & Mr. Jones | The Pink Bride®

See which guests know the most with a game of Jeopardy! They can pick a category then a question worth a certain number of points within that category. Be sure to include questions that aren’t totally obvious, you want it to be a bit of a challenge! Want to spice it up a bit? When a guest gets a question wrong, they have to take a drink! You’ll have a riveting game of Jeopardy in no time.

8. Who Said It?

Game for bridal shower "guess who said it" from Dear Lizzy | The Pink Bride®

Before the shower, ask the bride and groom the same 15 questions and record their answers. At the shower, read out the question and then one of the answers. The guests have to guess whether it was the bride or groom who said it, and whoever gets the most correct is the winner! This is another great game where guests get to prove how well they know the happy couple, and is so much fun!



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