New Year’s Eve is such a romantic night; the fireworks, Auld Lang Syne, and the promise of new beginnings all come together to create a night that is perfect for a wedding! We simply love the idea of having a wedding on NYE. Not only is is romantic and memorable, you can be certain that your anniversary will always be a party! We compiled a list of our favorite New Year’s Eve weddings in hopes of inspiring you to have a NYE wedding of your own!

1. James and Melissa’s Sparkling Soirée

Bride and groom hugging on NYE wedding photographed by Rae of Light Photography Works | The Pink Bride®

New Year's Eve wedding table decor and wedding favors photographed by Rae of Light Photography Works | The Pink Bride®

James and Melissa’s New Year’s Eve wedding was black, gold, and extra sparkly! Photographed by Rae of Light Photography Works, this day was stunning in so many ways. They chose the classic NYE colors for their palette, plus those colors make for a super classy wedding look! The sparkly feathers for the table settings are so glamorous, and the “midnight kiss” wedding favors are the perfect final touch to this classy, glitter filled wedding.

2. Erika and Ryan’s Gilded Day

Bride and bridal party, gilded cake, and new years decor by Waldorf Photographic Art  | The Pink Bride®

Bride and groom kissing at Knoxville Museum of Art photographed by Waldorf Photographic Art | The Pink Bride®

Erika and Ryan’s beautiful wedding at the Knoxville Museum of Art was everything you could ever dream of! The stunning views of Knoxville (complete with the Sunsphere!), the gilded four-tiered cake, and the gorgeous sequined bridesmaids gowns all paint the perfect picture of a New Year’s Eve wedding. The love between this couple is so obvious, making it an easy choice for one of our fave NYE weddings!

3. Reise and Kelly’s Pink Party

Bride and groom at downtown Nashville NYE wedding located at the Hutton Hotel, Photographed by SheHeWe Photography | The Pink Bride®

Hutton Hotel wedding pink decor photographed by SheHeWe Photography | The Pink Bride®

Kelly and Reise decided to forgo the New Year’s Eve crowd that fills the streets of downtown Nashville and opted to have their very own NYE party at the beautiful Hutton Hotel! We love how they chose to have pink lighting and decor, as well as a statement crystal chandelier. It created a super cool and fun vibe for this wedding reception, and we bet their party was way more fun than the one happening outside!

4. Allie and Jimmy’s NYE Nuptials

Bride and groom kissing in confetti at New Year's Eve wedding photographed by Dani Rose Photography | The Pink Bride®

New Year's Eve wedding favors, decor, and hats photographed by Dani Rose Photography | The Pink Bride®

New Year’s Eve isn’t complete without confetti and a kiss at midnight, and Allie and Jimmy’s wedding delivered on both fronts! Making sure every guest has a confetti popper for when the clock strikes midnight is a surefire way to create that magical dance floor full of confetti and laughter, and we just can’t get over how incredible this wedding looks! Both #NYEGoals and #WeddingGoals, for sure!


New Year’s Eve is one of the most fun and most romantic holidays of the year, and therefore a great date for your wedding! So it’s time to start planning your very own New Year’s wedding, and don’t forget your confetti and champagne!



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