When thinking of “classic rock,” big hair, leather, attitude, and plenty of guitars come to mind. Classic rock songs are a fantastic idea for first dance songs for weddings due to their fun and outrageous nature. They’re often a crowd-pleaser, and it seems you can get away with something a little sappier as long as there’s an electric guitar in there with an awesome solo. As you plan the music and entertainment for your wedding reception, be sure to consider using a professional DJ to have the best experience possible. Read on to learn all about five great choices in classic rock songs for the first dance at your Tennessee wedding!

Tennessee bride and groom share the first dance at their wedding, by Chattanooga wedding photography company Erin Jessica Photography.

1. “All I Want is You”

This tune, sung by the Irish rock band U2 from Dublin, was ranked #9 in Entertainment Weekly’s list of “The 50 Greatest Love Songs” in 2004. Although it was released as a single in 1989, its popularity as a first dance song for weddings still exists today. With lead singer Bono’s amazing passionate vocals and the song’s message regarding the great commitment love entails, this tune is a great choice for the classic rock-lovin’ bride and groom.


2. “You’re My Best Friend”

Although marriages are made up of all sorts of dynamics between the two people, I’ve always felt that some of the best unions are when the two are actually friends as well as lovers. This song, by British rock band Queen, was written by the band’s bassist John Deacon for his wife. I love the tune’s upbeat melody and sweet lyrics combined with lead singer Freddie Mercury’s unique voice. If you and your groom go for this fun song for your first dance, you and your guests are sure to be grinning from ear to ear!


3. “Faithfully”

Ah yes. What classic rock songs list would be complete without a ballad from the amazing band that is Journey? A true power ballad, this song describes the relationship between a music man on tour and his significant other…and his promise to remain true to her. While the tune was definitely succesful on the charts when it was released in the early 1980s, its popularity has gone on to make it one of the most recongnizable songs of today. With the song’s emotional lyrics and dramatic tone, this tune will definitely be a success for you and your groom as you twirl around the dance floor for your first dance.


4. “If I Should Fall Behind”

Singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen is well known for his music made up of poetic lyrics with a blend of rock and folk. This perfect first dance song is no execption. The tune’s lyrics are honest and heartfelt – highlighting how sometimes a love (or marriage) can appear so perfect at the start, but issues or differences are bound to come up in time. However, through it all, the singer vows to stick with his love and encourages her to do the same. I love the original version, but if you’re into first dance songs with a doo-wop twist, check out this version by Dion!


5. “Born to Be My Baby”

If you and your groom are trying to stay away from a super-emotional ballad for your first dance but still want a tune with some rock ‘n roll edge, try this one by one of my personal faves, Bon Jovi. Originating in New Jersey, Bon Jovi is one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time. You and your groom are sure to have a blast on the dance floor with this classic rock song’s upbeat tempo and lyrics about sticking with that special some one when the times get tough and knowing you were made for each other. Even if this tune is not for you, at least check out the video to see some awesome 1980s hair!

Tennessee bride and groom share the first dance at their wedding, by Chattanooga wedding photography company Erin Jessica Photography.

Ready to break out your favorite pair of jeans, tease your hair to the high heavens, and rock that air guitar? Ok, maybe stay away from most of those aforementioned things for your wedding reception, but hopefully this list gave you some classic rock inspiration for the first dance for you and your groom. If classic rock isn’t really your thing, or if you simply want to check out even more genres before deciding on a tune for your Tennessee wedding, be sure to take a look at earlier posts in our First Dance Songs series!


Do you have any other fabulous suggestions for classic rock songs to use for a first dance? Tell us in the comments section below!


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All photos courtesy of Chattanooga wedding photography company Erin Jessica Photography.