Click for five adorable and unique bridal shower themes! | The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.comBridal showers are one of the best opportunities to really relax and help the bride have fun before the big day.

That being said, many brides end up having three, five, or even six bridal showers when all is said and done. That could result in a number of duplicate gifts…and a little bit of a monotonous feel for the bride. Never fear, though! I have five adorable options below to help you throw her a shower she’ll adore. Each is fun for all involved, a little unique, and pretty memorable. Read on to get great ideas for an awesome party…or feel free to choose a couple’s wedding shower theme to include the groom!


  1. Alphabet Bridal Shower

Assign each guest a letter in the bride-to-be’s full (married) name. Then, have the guests purchase items from her registry, wrap the gift, and decorate it with the letter they were assigned. As gifts arrive, spell out the bride’s name! Let her new monogram be your decorating inspiration. If guests are really creative, they can try to find a gift on her registry that corresponds with their letter. Guest favors could be hanging initial ornaments with the first initial of each guest’s name.


  1. Honeymoon Bridal Shower

Encourage guests to purchase gifts for the bride and groom via their honeymoon registry. Alternatively, give guests the option of purchasing a gift that would celebrate their honeymoon location, like flip-flops, sunglasses, or signature drink mixes. Wrapping paper and decorations could follow the honeymoon destination theme! Guest favors could be a keychain with the destination theme – like a mini Eiffel Tower or sand in a bottle.


Urban Nashville wedding engagement portrait, photographed by Billingsley & Company | The Pink Bride


  1. Around-the-House Bridal Shower

Assign each guest a room in the house to purchase an item for from her registry. Decorations should be in the bride’s favorite color to accent her home. Serve foods she loves! Guest favors could be little key necklaces.


  1. Pajama Spa Bridal Shower

Have guests wear their pajamas, put a bunch of pillows on the floor, and shower the bride-to-be with spa-related items! Then put on a good chick flick and indulge in giving each other manicures, pedicures, and facials well into the evening while you snack on comfort foods. Guest favors could be nail polish in the bride’s wedding colors. (This is also a great idea for an alternative bachelorette party idea.)


Bride and groom kiss at Nashville wedding, photographed by Billingsley & Company | The Pink Bride


  1. Stock the Pantry Bridal Shower

Guests can write their favorite recipes on cards and give to the bride along with gifts of non-perishable foods needed to prepare the recipe in a (reusable!) gift basket. Alternatively, guests can give an appliance used in the dish’s creation. Another favorite way of conducting this shower is to have guests prepare each dish to bring to the shower…a little like a potluck! Guest favors could be cute cookie-cutters or mini whisks.




Do you know of more unique shower ideas?

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Images courtesy of Nashville wedding photographers Billingsley & Company.