From tongue-in-cheek party favors that would make anyone blush to wild nights out on the town and a lack of memory the day after, bachelorette parties tend to have a bit of an edgy reputation. To show you just how not cliché your bachelorette party can be, though, I’ve listed five of my favorite alternatives to the standard bachelorette party scene. Each will leave you relaxed and recharged after months of stressful wedding planning.

Whether you’re looking to kiss single life goodbye publicly or in seclusion, your bachelorette party can be everything you want it to be. Best of all? You can leave drama at the door, and recharge with your closest gal pals before the biggest day of your life. Check out a few of my fave options to do that below.


Luxurious bachelorette party ideas, featuring photography by Runawayalice Photography | The Pink Bride

1. Destination bachelorette getaway

Many brides opt for destination bachelorette weekends, and it’s no secret why. What better way to “be free” than to go to a place where no one knows you? I love this option for any bride. The thrill of exploring a new city with your besties is just so refreshing! Drop by your local tourism office for a detailed map and tips on where to go, what to do, and what to avoid while there.


2. Big-girl bachelorette sleepover

There’s something not-so-sexy about opening a racy lingerie gift in public. With that in mind, combine your lingerie shower with your bachelorette party via a fun sleepover with your leading ladies. Add a sophisticated spin on sleepovers of yore with lux hors d’oeuvres, a legit cake, chick flicks, elegant floor pillows, satin robes, and a fun lingerie gift from each attendee.


3. Spatastic bachelorette sabbatical

Have your entire bridal party book a hotel room or loft with an in-house spa, and be whisked away from all your stresses via pre-bridal treatments like in-room massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Nibble on gourmet snacks and sip cool drinks, too. I’m relaxing just thinking about it!


4. Crafty corner bachelorette outing

Find an offbeat class to attend together, and learn new skills as you laugh the night away. This can be an art class, cooking class, or anything else that would be relaxing and interesting. Take a break from all wedding-related crafts and DIY projects, though!


Luxurious bachelorette party ideas, featuring photography by Runawayalice Photography | The Pink Bride


5. Unplugged bachelorette excursion

Rent a cabin in the mountains. Opt for a cute bungalow by the sea. Turn off all cell phones (with the exception of the Maid of Honor in case of emergencies), and go exploring. Talk about a great opportunity to recharge and be in the moment without distractions!



What ideas do you have for a unique bachelorette party?

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Images courtesy of Knoxville wedding photographer Runawayalice Photography.