Planning a wedding for the first time can be a little tricky. From vendor contracts to pressing questions and everything in between, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed by the details. Naturally, one of the areas many brides get most anxious about getting wrong is wedding photography. Since your wedding photos (and wedding video) will be the only items you’ll have to remember the big day by later, it’s important to get it right!


Tri-Cities bride poses for camera, photographed by Hill Photography Service | The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.comThat’s why I chatted recently with Reece Hill of Tri-Cities wedding photography company, Hill Photography Service. He helped me uncover five questions you may not know to ask your wedding photographer – and why – to make sure you get everything you need to remember your big day. Read on for his expert commentary!


Can I meet you in person prior to placing a deposit?

You should definitely meet your photographer in person (and any other wedding pro, for that matter) prior to signing a contract and placing a deposit. Reece details that this helps with so much more than just making sure you’re comfortable enough to work with him, though. It also means you know what to expect from the photographer from an artistic standpoint!

“Before you even get a price quote, go in and meet the photographer,” he urges. “See their work from a variety of events so you can understand what to expect – and what you’re paying for.”

Furthermore, Reece encourages brides to really evaluate the photographer’s work prior to selecting him or her to capture the biggest day of their life.

“See many different weddings by the photographer,” Reece advises. “See different lighting situations in particular. Watch for talent; each image should be photographically correct and have great advertising impact.”


Are your prices standard, or are you available to work within my budget?

As any bride on a budget will tell you, your bridal budget can reduce the choices you have for professionals. Or can it? Reece details that some professionals – many photographers included – can offer a custom package that works within your price limits. Then again, if you still have a little room to reallocate some funds, perhaps shifting money from one category to another during planning could help you achieve your dream wedding. Just be cautious!

Reece details that Hill Photography Service is happy to work with the bride and groom on price, and they even offer payment plans to give you a more flexible option.

Another more obvious way to consider wedding photography is to know what you’re looking for in a wedding photographer when it comes to style.


Tri-Cities bride and groom embrace after ceremony, photographed by Hill Photography Service | The Pink Bride


Who will actually be shooting pictures at my wedding? If not you, can I meet the photographer who will be there ahead of time?

This is extremely important to ask. After all, you don’t want to expect one person and get another on wedding day. Talk about an unwelcome surprise! Reece advices that you definitely inquire about this so you (and the photographer) are prepared.

Hill Photography Service offers some packages with an associate photographer as the lead, rather than Reece. However, Reece makes it a point to ensure the associate photographer and the bride and groom meet and get to know each other beforehand so everyone can relax by wedding day.

“They definitely should meet before the wedding,” Reece details. “This helps them be on the same page and relax. Engagement sessions are a fabulous way to do this. We can even offer two or three sessions if needed to make sure everyone is comfortable – at no extra charge.”

Hill Photography Service generally provides two photographers per event, but can offer just one for smaller events or even three for larger celebrations. Your options are flexible and tailored to meet your needs!


Tri-Cities bride leans against post and smiles, photographed by Hill Photography Service | The Pink Bride

How will my family and I be able to view images to order prints later? Will the proofs already be edited at that time?

Some photographers still like to print small copies of images for you to choose in person, while the majority uses the more modern online proofing galleries available. Make sure you know how you and your family members can purchase your images after the big day!

With Hill Photography Service, you and your family members will have 90 days to select and purchase images within your own password-protected gallery of already-edited images. Anyone with your username and password credentials can order directly from the gallery too, so no need to collect money from family members after the fact.



If I get a disc after the wedding, will images be high or low resolution – and will I have a print release?

If you’re getting a disc in your photography package, make sure you know if you have professional printing rights and to what size you can print each image (via high or low-resolution files).

Reece details that he includes a disc in his packages and lets brides know all the specifics of the images prior to using.



Tri-Cities wedding photographer Reece Hill of Hill Photography Service | The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.comReece Hill serves the Tri-Cities area with photography for weddings and many other lifestyle events. He loves mixing portrait photography with photojournalism to tell your story flawlessly. Reece believes in continuous education to hone his skills and has studied with the New York Institute of Photography. He is dedicated to giving clients wonderful images which he describes as unique, warm, and imaginative. Reece describes himself as a funky, free, fun photographer who simply loves working with his clients.

He is frequently learning more and honing his craft, too. Reece attends intensive workshops one or two times per year and has been known to take on interns, which he states provides an exchange of information that both he and the intern benefit from. Hill Photography Service has a physical studio available to meet in and do formal portraits, but the company is happy to travel for weddings or events. Just give Reece a call!


To contact Hill Photography Service about photographing the biggest day of your life, give Reece a call at (276) 644-1974, and be sure to visit his website and Facebook page to learn more. Tell Reece that The Pink Bride sent you!



Images courtesy of Reece Hill via Hill Photography Service by email.