In my experience, when it comes to giving and receiving gifts in a relationship, the man normally is the one lamenting how hard it is to find something for the woman. Well, when it comes to giving and receiving gifts on the most important day of your life, the pressure can be a lot for brides to take too!

If you don’t want to opt for the normal gifts brides often give to their soon-to-be hubbies, I’ve got five options below that just might help jog your creative side and get you started towards the perfect wedding gift for your groom.

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1. Write your groom-to-be a love note.

This is a great option if your guy is busy. Although some brides may feel this is a little overdone, a short love note written to him on your wedding day, signed as “Mrs. ____,” can be something you both cherish years down the road. It also adds a whole heap of anticipation to the ceremony! Word of advice, though: make sure he has a place to stash it afterwards if you want what’s inside to remain private.


2. Create a scrapbook or journal detailing your life together thus far.

If your man is the sentimental type who loves little touches, opt for this DIY gift. Not only will he absolutely love it, but it will be something the two of you can look back on for years to come and remember why you fell in love in the first place!


3. Contact your wedding photographer about taking boudoir photos.

This is a very unique, very sensuous gift your new husband will adore, especially if he’s hard to buy for because he has everything else. Find a Tennessee wedding photographer you’re very comfortable with, get your favorite lingerie, and decide on the perfect location for the shoot. I wouldn’t suggest giving this gift to him right before the ceremony, however – his groomsmen or even your dad (Eek!) might see them accidentally. Gift him with the images on your wedding night or honeymoon.


4. Print out tickets or a handmade coupon to attend an activity with him that you normally avoid.

If he’s a sports fanatic and you couldn’t care less about squeaky athletic shoes or dodging foul balls, buy tickets for the two of you to visit a game together. This goes the same for guys who love to game or fish, too. It will make him so excited that you’re willing to try something you dislike just to spend time with him and learn more about what makes him tick.

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5. Arrange a surprise just for him during the reception.

Is your man a party-lover? Surprise him with a live band, a special dance, a song you sing – anything. He’ll be ecstatic, and he certainly won’t forget it!

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What gift do you plan to give to your future hubby? Tell us in the comments below!


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