five-bar-tips-you-might-not-know-could-save-your-wedding-3From champagne toasts to signature cocktails, a little alcohol can help keep your celebration going on wedding day.

However, it’s important to encourage moderation of consumption to ensure safe and happy memories after the big day. Whether you have a friend or relative who considers drinking a sport – or one who likes to refuse giving up the car keys before heading out for the evening – it’s important to have a game plan in place to eliminate issues long before they arise. I spoke recently with Belle Muse of Knoxville wedding wine and liquor provider, Campbell Station Wine & Spirits, to get the scoop on encouraging a mindful consumption of alcohol at your wedding. The tips we came up with just might save your wedding from catastrophe! Read on for great pointers to consider if you’re opting for alcohol at your reception.


  1. Limit the bar’s selection of alcohol at your wedding.

Rather than offering a full bar, opt for a couple of basic beer and wine choices, and consider also offering one or two signature cocktails. Your pocket book will thank you, and you’ll have far fewer guests to worry about without shots on the menu. It’s a win-win!

With Campbell Station Wine & Spirits, you’re sure to get expert help selecting the best options for your big day. Whether you’re opting for the basics or choosing a full bar to delight your guests, they have what you need! You’ll most likely save some serious cash by purchasing directly from a liquor store and stocking the bar yourself, too, rather than going through another source. (Need another great tip? Many bartenders charge a corkage fee, so cut back on this cost by opting for larger bottles of wine at your event.)


Wedding bar tips from Knoxville wine and liquor provider Campbell Station Wine & Spirits, with images by Waldorf Photographic Art | The Pink Bride®


  1. Ensure that water, other non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks are amply available throughout the evening.

Ice water is a must at any wedding, but especially so at a wedding serving alcohol. Your caterer probably already will have this covered, and your bartender may as well. It never hurts to double-check, though! A non-alcoholic punch is also a fab alternative to tea or water if you’d like to add in variety. Finally, a hearty snack station or passed treats may help guests to go lighter on the drunkometer.


  1. Consider limiting the bar hours during your reception.

Many brides opt to close the bar during dinner so guests can focus on eating a hearty meal and drinking non-alcoholic alternatives in prep for the big party to come. Your bartender will likely close the bar at least an hour before your exit is scheduled, too, unless your venue requires closing ahead of normal schedule.


Wedding bar tips from Knoxville wine and liquor provider Campbell Station Wine & Spirits, with images by Waldorf Photographic Art | The Pink Bride®


  1. Give your bartender the go-ahead to “cut-off” obviously drunken guests if needed.

Most bartenders are experienced in watching for “that guest” who gets a little too tipsy throughout the evening, but they may not know how you prefer such guests be handled. Whether you want to designate a friend or a relative to step in – or have your bartender quietly cut the guest off from more alcohol – you should likely address this ahead of time.

Also, keep in mind that drink counts and types don’t necessarily matter. Some guests will handle their wine or liquor better – or worse – than others, and at far different amounts!


  1. Have someone in charge of taking keys and calling taxis for buzzed or drunken guests, rather than letting them drive home or to the hotel.

Nothing could ruin your wedding memories faster than hearing about a wreck or other tragedy that took place after an intoxicated guest left your celebration. Nip the chance of this happening in the bud by having a game plan in place ahead of time. Make it amply clear to all guests that a taxi service will be available after the event to take them home. Ask the groomsmen or another couple of trusted people to help make sure guests follow these wishes and don’t drive. If it’s a big worry for you, and you’re comfortable with the idea, consider hiring an off-duty police officer for the event. He or she will come with an air of authority and be practiced in taking care of any “messy” situations for you, away from the spotlight of the party. Some venues may even require or provide this if you’re serving alcohol, so be sure to check with your event manager!

As always, Campbell Station Wine & Spirits is a huge supporter of you and your guests having a blast at your celebration, but they encourage all patrons to enjoy their libations responsibly – regardless of occasion.


Wedding bar tips from Knoxville wine and liquor provider Campbell Station Wine & Spirits, with images by Waldorf Photographic Art | The Pink Bride®


If you need more expert advice or help stocking the bar for your own Tennessee wedding, give Campbell Station Wine & Spirits a call today!

You can reach them at (865) 966-7122 or online via their website, Facebook page, or Twitter. Tell Belle and the team at Campbell Station Wine & Spirits that The Pink Bride sent you!



Images courtesy of Knoxville wedding photographer Waldorf Photographic Art.