Your wedding color palette can apply to more than just bridesmaid dresses and dinner napkins, incorporate it into your various wedding stationery as well! You have your invitations, programs, menus, thank you notes, and any signage you want on display, and having continuity in those designs gives your wedding that extra boost of chic style. Fleetwood Photo & Digital shared some ideas and inspirations with us for taking your wedding stationery to the next level!

Fleetwood photo stationary, photo by Lindsey Worthington


Your guests will undoubtedly spend a decent amount of time looking at the dinner and drink menu, so you want them to look good! Include your wedding colors and stationery theme on your menu will help tie your whole wedding together.

menus by fleetwood photo, photos by lindsey worthington


A lot of couples want to have multiple signs on display at their ceremony and reception, so make yours stand out by continuing your theme! For extra cuteness points, put one of those signs on a precious pooch.

Fleetwood Photo & Digital - Lindsey Worthington

Fleetwood Photo & Digital - Lindsey Worthington

Table Settings

Incorporate the colors you chose for your menus and other paper accessories in your table settings! It makes it look so nice and organized when everything corresponds. We love this fresh combo of green and pink, plus using real flowers that mirror the flowers on your signage is genius!

Fleetwood Photo & Digital - Lindsey Worthington


Last but not least, send your guests home with a reminder of your superior organizational skills with weddings favors that once again reflect your color scheme! Not only will they appreciate the fact that their programs double as a fan, but the they’ll love the design continuity. And for favors that last longer than the drive home (I’m looking at you, chocolate bar wedding favors), consider a packet of flower seeds so your guests can remember your special day every time they look at their garden! So cute!

Fleetwood Photo & Digital - Lindsey Worthington


For all your wedding paper and accessory needs, be sure to stop by Fleetwood Photo & Digital!


Photography courtesy of Lindsey Worthington