“Hey Andrea, you know what you need?” asked Jada, a bride-to-be at one of last season’s Pink Bridal Shows.

“Not really, but I’m always up for suggestions!” I responded.

“You need to make sure The Pink Bride has an Instagram account so we can take pics during the show with you!” she stated, matter-of-factly.


Cue, one very excited Pink Lady.

But believe it or not, I’ve had Instagram on The Pink Bride’s radar for quite some time, and I finally get to announce its existence to you this week! While it’s still in its infancy with just 140 photos taken at last season’s Pink Bridal Shows, the profile finally is semi-complete. The account is missing one key element, though…you! The Pink Bride needs you to be its newest followers, trend spotters and wedding watchers, so hop on over to the profile and follow The Pink Bride today.

The Pink Bride's Instagram account @thepinkbride, featured on The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com {Follow The Pink Bride on Instagram!}

The Pink Bride loves connecting with brides and grooms via social media.

Suggestions from lovely brides like Jada have helped solidify just how exciting it will be to connect with you via Instagram as you plan the biggest day of your life and document each step along the way with your own unique filter favorites.


So, with no further ado and with Pink Bridal Show season just around the corner, I bring you The Pink Bride’s #hashtags to use during the season!

The Pink Bride Instagram #cityofshow #pinkbridalshow

Tag your images on Instagram so we can share your wedding planning progress with the world.

Follow @thepinkbride, by the way. We’d love to follow you back!


USE THIS → #thecityyouattend #pinkbridalshow
(i.e. #knoxville #pinkbridalshow)
…and The Pink Bride just might show your photos and videos in a real-time slideshow at the show! More info on this later as details are developed.


USE THIS → #tennesseebride @thepinkbride

…to document your wedding planning process with The Pink Bride! Snap your engagement ring, bridal shoes, veil, wedding makeup, and anything else surrounding your big day. Just make sure you follow The Pink Bride and describe what the item/people/place in each photo or video means to you!

Each week, The Pink Bride will choose favorite pics and videos from followers to share across all other social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and G+. You just might even win a special prize if your photo submission has the most likes in a month! More info on this later as details are developed.

The Pink Bride uses Statigram to get info on posts! Statigram: The Pink Bride's most-liked photos, ever!

The Pink Bride can’t wait to document the wedding planning journey with you and see the world of weddings through your camera lens!


What are you waiting for? Show us your favorite wedding finds today!