Changing your name from Miss to Mrs. is a very exciting to-do! Be prepared though, changing your last name is a multi-step process. We have listed all of our simplest tips to make the name change as smooth as possible!

From Miss to Mrs. | 5 Tips On Changing Your Last Name | Micheile Henderson | The Pink Bride®️

1. Get Your Marriage License

The first step to changing your name is receiving the certified version of your marriage license. These are issued from your local courthouse, so they are able to answer any questions you may have!

Pro tip: Be sure to get extra certified copies of your marriage license. In some cases, you will have to send off multiple copies to change your name on other identification forms.

2. Apply For A New Social Security Card

Head to the Social Security Administration’s website to apply for a new card. Be sure to submit your proof of legal name change and proof of identity. Be patient, it usually takes about 10 days to receive your new card in the mail!

From Miss to Mrs. | 5 Tips On Changing Your Last Name | Hey Beauti Magazine |  The Pink Bride®

3. Update Your Driver’s License

Cruise down to the local Department of Motor Vehicles office to update your last name on your driver’s license. Don’t forget to bring your certified marriage license and updated Social Security card.

4. Change Your Bank Accounts & Credit Card Information

If you and your hubs have a joint bank account or plan to open one, take a trip to your branch of choice. Be sure to bring your certified marriage certificate and updated driver’s license. Don’t forget to order new checks and cards with your name change, too!

From Miss to Mrs. | 5 Tips On Changing Your Last Name | Corinne Kutz |  The Pink Bride®

5. Get A New Passport

If you plan to head out on a dreamy exotic honeymoon, don’t forget to get a new passport! Head to your local clerk’s office with your birth certificate, updated driver’s license, marriage license, and Social Security card. Be prepared to spend a little bit of money for this step!

Don’t forget to call and inform your utility companies, insurance providers, and doctor’s offices of your new last name. Also, contact your airline frequent flyer program to ensure that your miles get transferred over! And finally, update your handle and bio to show off your new last name on all of your social media accounts!


By: Samantha Viau


Photo credit:

Micheile Henderson

Hey Beauti Magazine

Corinne Kutz