Once the whirlwind emotions level out after the engagement, couples all over America have the somewhat daunting task of setting the bridal budget.


Without prior knowledge of average costs and realistic expectations, this task can be a little shocking to tackle for both the bride and groom! However, one huge factor many brides may not realize can really make or break their bridal budget is the where of the occasion. Meaning, in what state will you plan the big day?


According to a very handy infographic by Alissa Scheller for the Huffington Post, if you’re planning to say “I do” here in the good ol’ South, you’re in luck! The infographic uses data collected last year by The Wedding Report, a consumer trends research company specializing in stats for the wedding industry. As it turns out, states in the South are generally among the least expensive places to be wed. That’s certainly good news for Tennessee brides.


This throws the more expensive states to get married into stark contrast, of course. According to another survey listed in the article, brides and grooms in New York City spent nearly $80,000 in average on their weddings last year! However, couples in Alaska pay the least on average for their nuptials, only spending about a fifth of that cost on their entire celebration.


Infographic on average wedding costs by state, by Alissa Scheller for the Huffington Post | The Pink Bride www.thepinkbride.com

Infographic by Alissa Scheller for the Huffington Post


Where is our beloved Tennessee on the scale, you may ask? While this infographic certainly doesn’t show the “big picture” – it only has stats for the wedding dress, bridal bouquet, stationary, bands, photographer, venue, and cake (an average of $7,600 total for Tennessee weddings) – it’s still interesting to see how those costs vary across the country. It also looks like Tennessee is among the most inexpensive locales in which to get married! But that’s hardly the only reason to consider Tennessee for your “I do’s.”


Three reasons to consider a wedding in Tennessee (besides the cost savings!):


1. Tennessee boasts a unique, stunning heritage and culture to enjoy.

With a rich history resulting in the birth of talented craftsmen, delicious food, and unique dialects carved from the heart of the mountains, to the deep love of country music and sweet tea in the valleys, Tennessee is a proud mix of different walks of life, ways of living, and prospects for the future that you just won’t find elsewhere in the country. If you’re looking for a state where history and heritage are honored at every turn, Tennessee’s your spot!


2. The state is one of the most versatile in the country for your event theme, boasting both country seclusion and city nightlife.

Tennessee offers rolling pastures with a stunning mountain backdrop at the same time that it offers a vibrant, must-experience nightlife framed by its exciting city scene. Where else can you get married on a farm or antebellum mansion and feel miles away from the rest of world, yet take a quick 20-minute drive in any direction and reach an exciting town or city with a full list of activities? When it comes to versatility, look to Tennessee.


3.  The weather most often doesn’t reach extremes!

Want the beauty of the South without worrying your guests will pass out from the heat or get caught in a week-long blizzard? Tennessee’s your state! Although unpredictable at times, Tennessee’s weather is generally on the milder side when compared to northern or deep-south states.




Where will you be married, and how have your costs so far compared to those reported within this infographic?

Tell me in the comments below!