For many brides, their wedding is the very first large-scale event they’ve ever planned. While hearing about bridezilla moments and reading about issues other brides have had may prepare them for the journey they’re about to embark on, actually jumping straight into the wedding planning game may be somewhat overwhelming. That’s especially true when it comes to attending your very first large-scale bridal show!

As the largest professionally affiliated bridal shows in Tennessee, Pink Bridal Shows combine both the most preferred wedding professionals in the area and the most exciting offers available to give you the best bang for your buck…as well as a little entertainment on the side. Pink Bridal Shows tend to attract thousands of attendees and give you hundreds of options to address, all within a four or five-hour time frame. With all the inspiration, deals, and exclusive opportunities you’ll face, it’s easy to feel somewhat overwhelmed during a show!

Just remember: you don’t have to let a Pink Bridal Show give you the pre-wedding blues or jitters. Here are my top suggestions to beating back that overwhelmed feeling with a sense of relaxation and control.

Nashville Pink Bridal Show | The Pink Bride {Your Guide to Wedding Planning Bliss at Pink Bridal Shows}

1. Do a little planning before you ever set foot into a Pink Bridal Show.

Walking into the excitement without a plan can set your heart racing in a bad way. Before you ever step into the bridal show and start walking aimlessly around, you need to plan your “point of attack,” as I like to call it. Wedding planning is very much a task you can break into smaller steps to make the whole process less stressful, and this is where you can start.

  • The most important detail you need to have before attending a bridal show to maximize your time is your wedding date. Make sure you’re armed with this date before you attend the show so you can have meaningful conversations with vendors about your big day!
  • Then, start the process by making a list of what you have and what you still need in your wedding. It doesn’t matter if you can only fill in the “still need” category. Actually, it’s a pretty awesome idea to wait until a Pink Bridal Show to book wedding services. You can save lots of cash by booking wedding pros right there at the show while they’re running show-only specials! Seeing your list can seriously help you focus on the task at hand, rather than all the other overwhelming possibilities.
  • Next, rank the services you still need by how important they are to you. Vendors within that category are the ones you need to visit first on the show floor. At Pink Bridal Shows, you will get a map of where everyone is so you can pinpoint who you need to visit first. You can also do a little pre-show research on each vendor before the show by visiting the Pink Bridal Show page on the website and selecting a category at the bottom. Don’t be afraid to book services at the show, either. It could save you a ton of stress and money, so bring your wallet along for the ride.
  • Last, it also can save you a ton of time and stress by having a bridal budget in mind before you go, so consider taking the time to set this as well.

Chattanooga Pink Bridal Show | The Pink Bride {Your Guide to Wedding Planning Bliss at Pink Bridal Shows}

2. The first question you should ask vendors within their booths is if they’re available for your wedding date.

This will help you narrow down your options right from the start and save you time chatting with vendors who’re not available for your big day. (Be mindful of which date you’ve chosen…some dates are better than others!)

Knoxville Pink Bridal Show | The Pink Bride {Your Guide to Wedding Planning Bliss at Pink Bridal Shows}

3. After you’ve visited with the vendors providing services that are most important to you, make sure you take the time to peruse the other opportunities, too.

Some brides like the idea of putting “blinders” on, where the only thing they do inside the show is visit one or two categories of vendors and leave. While I’m certainly not one to suggest having in-depth conversations with vendors when you’ve already booked similar services elsewhere for your wedding day, Pink Bridal Shows offer so much more than an opportunity to meet and book vendors at staggeringly good prices. They also offer tons along the lines of inspiration! Take the time to enjoy the bridal show and the fashion shows. Bring your camera, and snap photos of items you just love. (Better yet, use Instagram and tag your images with #pinkbridalshow!) Take along your wedding planning notebook to jot down a few ideas you’ve seen, too. It’s a great opportunity to see what could be possible for your own wedding.

Tri-Cities Pink Bridal Show | The Pink Bride {Your Guide to Wedding Planning Bliss at Pink Bridal Shows}

4. Stick around for the prizes!

You just never know when you’ll win a dream honeymoon vacation or an amazing cash prize just for attending a Pink Bridal Show. Make sure you’re present if your name is called so you can receive the prize!

Pink Bridal Show swag | The Pink Bride {Your Guide to Wedding Planning Bliss at Pink Bridal Shows}

5. Once you’re home, organize all the promo materials you got into categories.

Decide who you liked best if you didn’t book them at the show, and reach out to your faves within your most important categories either via your wedding-only email address or by telephone as soon as possible. Dates often book up to a year or two in advance, so get cracking on reserving the best pros at the best price for the biggest day of your life. You’ll be so happy you did that later!

Tri-Cities Pink Bridal Show | The Pink Bride {Your Guide to Wedding Planning Bliss at Pink Bridal Shows}

Make sure you put that Pink Bride Magazine to good use!

Didn’t meet someone you were hoping to at the show? Flip through the Pink Bride Magazine you received at registration. Not only is it filled with even more pros to consider for your big day, but it’s also got a super-handy wedding planning section in the back to help keep you organized!



There you have it, ladies. Pink Bridal Shows are such an exciting opportunity to meet and greet with literally the finest pros in your area, and while it’s a lot to take it, you certainly don’t have to let the experience overwhelm you. Enjoy the ride with the simple steps I listed above.




Have you found another technique that’s helped you maximize your time and wedding budget thanks to a Pink Bridal Show?

Share it with me in the comments below!