I know I am not the only one that always seems to suffer from a sudden beauty crisis just days before an important event. From frizzy hair to out-of-control breakouts, the possibilities of cosmetic chaos seem endless. But luckily, so does the list of beauty remedies you can concoct from home! Some of the most basic household products can produce outstanding results that expensive store brands could not provide. With one of the most memorable days of your life approaching, you can’t necessarily spare the expense or time to invest in expensive cosmetic treatments. That’s what makes these beauty blends gentle on your body and pocketbook!  Whip them up in a couple of minutes to get that bridal “glow” you have always wanted. Take a look!




This zesty fruit packs a powerful punch that can fight blackheads and leave your skin feeling soft—and smelling fresh! For better results, combine lemon juice with a crushed non-coated aspirin. The pill’s salicylic acid acts as a chemical peel, while the lemon juice contains vitamin C that helps minimize skin damage. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and gently remove with a washcloth or cotton ball.


Baking Soda

This powder is a beauty DIY dynamo! Use it as a rinse to fight off bacteria or acids that erode tooth enamel. Baking soda is also an extremely effective whitener for your teeth. Blend half a teaspoon of baking soda with 1 strawberry—a fruit that contains malic acid, a natural tooth-whitener. Leave this paste on your teeth for five minutes, providing you with a beaming smile in your wedding pictures!



Besides being a delicious natural sweetener, honey is also a natural moisturizer for skin. Mash half of an avocado, and combine with ¼ cup of honey; leaving this mask on your face for 10 minutes grants you a less dry, more radiant complexion. Combine honey with olive oil, and you have a great deep conditioner for hair follicles. Heat the mixture for fifteen seconds, and generously apply to your hair, concentrating on dry ends and scalp; this will give you those luscious locks for your ceremony and honeymoon!



Turn this popular condiment into a nourishing hair mask! If your hair needs some TLC before your wedding day, apply half a cup of mayonnaise to brittle hair, covering with a plastic cap and leaving on for 15 minutes.


Coffee Grounds

Is pesky cellulite casting a shadow on your honeymoon daydreams? Believe it or not, coffee grounds can minimize its appearance! Heat one cup of caffeinated coffee grounds with ½ cup each of brown sugar, salt and olive oil. Rub the mixture on cellulite-prone areas, and wrap with plastic wrap, letting sit for twenty minutes. Repeat three times a week for 6 weeks to see smoother results!



Despite its sharp smell, vinegar has an expansive list of beauty benefits. Want softer feet for your big day? Fill a bowl with hot water, and add 1 cup of Epsom salt and 1 cup of vinegar. Soak your feet for 15 minutes, and scrub with a rough stone. Want to get rid of stubborn age spots? If you can fight through the smell, mix onion juice with apple cider vinegar; apply to skin, wash off after 30 minutes, and repeat once a day for 6 weeks to get a more even complexion!


These home remedies will hopefully jump start your beauty overhaul soon to occur before your wedding. If you see outstanding results from one of our tips, be sure leave a comment to encourage other brides! Happy remedies!


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Post courtesy of guest blogger & Summer 2012 Intern, Sydney Atchley
Guest Blogger and Summer 2012 Intern, Sydney Atchley

Sydney Atchley has always had a love for all things weddings, which initially led her to becoming an intern for The Pink Bride during Summer 2012. She assisted for the season with proofreading and analysis of the stories and features published in the Pink Bride Magazine while also writing for the company’s blog. She loves trying new crafts, experiencing a new hiking trail, and cozying up with a good book! Sydney is an English Literature major and Writing/Communication minor at Maryville College. She plans to graduate in 2014.