Couple relaxing on the beach with butler serviceOne of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is settling all the details about the honeymoon.

The honeymoon is easily the biggest and most memorable trip of a couple’s lifetime together, so it’s important to review your options and make an informed decision when it comes to settling the details surrounding the trip! With so much to consider before traveling, so much to remember, and so many options on the table for today’s bride and groom, using an experienced travel agent like Angie Phipps of Johnson City travel agency, Summit Travel, can help you plan the trip of your dreams with very few hiccups along the way. That’s why I chatted with her recently to get the scoop on some of the most popular options brides and grooms have to choose from today. Read on to become a honeymoon-savvy bride!


1. All-inclusive resorts reign supreme for honeymooners from Tennessee…and all over the world!

To downgrade on the amount of stress and money needed to travel with during the honeymoon, many couples opt for all-inclusive resorts and vacation packages. These reservations include your hotel stay, meals, activities like non-motorized water sports, beverages, and basically anything else on-site at the resort. They can also include airfare and even spa credits to the local spa!

Angie details that Summit Travel has a list of popular all-inclusive vacation options to meet any couple’s needs, including the ever-popular Sandal’s Resorts as well as many others. In fact, Angie details that Summit Travel can help a couple make stress-free honeymoon reservations practically anywhere in the world at popular all-inclusive vacation resorts.

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Couple lounging on beach with butler service

2. Custom packages built specifically to make sure the couple gets everything they want on their honeymoon are available.

When a couple has already traveled to the location they’re honeymooning at, and they know exactly where they want to be and what they want to do, a customized travel honeymoon package may be the best option. This gives you and your honey the opportunity to piece together everything you want, rather than feeling at all limited by reservation “hierarchy” (i.e. butler or concierge level suites), restaurant and beverage options, or even included activities. These prearranged packages can be created with the help of an expert travel agent like Angie.

One honeymoon option that isn’t as popular as in years past is the cruise option, which – despite popular belief – is not all-inclusive, but can be customized up to a certain point to meet couple’s needs. Angie states that while cruises aren’t a top pick for honeymooners, other custom vacation packages absolutely are. One huge piece of advice she details is to always take a copy of your marriage certificate on your trip! This often will give you free honeymooner upgrades or options that only honeymooners have access to at your hotel or resort.

Couple in private pool area outside of honeymoon suite

3. Non-traditional bridal registries are growing in popularity, especially with regard to honeymoon registries!

Worried the kind of honeymoon you and your hubby would like to have is out of your price range? Consider having a honeymoon registry! These are fabulous options that allow family and friends to “purchase” upgrades and amenities for your honeymoon in lieu of a traditional wedding gift. Angie states that the honeymoon registry is a popular option at Summit Travel that’s been successfully offered for several years.

“We operate it in-house,” she details. “The bride alerts her guests that they have a honeymoon registry, and the guest or friend contacts us with payment information. Their monetary gift reduces the total of the couple’s honeymoon bill, and the bride and groom get notification of the gift and the giver to send thank you cards afterwards.” This is obviously the perfect alternative for couples who already have most of what they’ll need upon combining households, but who want a stellar honeymoon to celebrate their union with!

 Honeymoon suite at Sandals Resort

Summit Travel has been a premier travel agency in Johnson City, Tennessee, for over 25 years. For 20 of those years, Angie has been a leading travel agent with the company. No matter what your needs for your honeymoon, anniversary trip, or any other reason for travel, Angie and the Summit Travel team can help you get there with minimal stress and maximum enjoyment. Most services are complimentary to brides and grooms as well as other travelers, so give Summit Travel a call today at (423) 282-4223 to set up your consultation. Be sure to connect with them via their website and Facebook page, too. Tell Angie that The Pink Bride sent you!



Images courtesy of Angie Phipps, first provided for print in Tri-Cities Pink Bride Magazine.