Are you and your groom racking your brains trying to come up with fun and creative engagement photo ideas to help announce your Tennessee wedding? Fear not! One easy way to add some flair to your photos is to have them taken at night. A nighttime engagement photo session has the power to add an extra dash of romance and mystery to your pictures. Photos taken at night do need special considerations, however, and photography rules that work well during daylight hours can vary from the ones that will make your evening photos spectacular. I spoke with Nashville photographers Michael Hobneck and Michael Kneff of Brown Lab Photography to learn a few great tips for getting the best nighttime engagement photos.

{How to Get Amazing Nighttime Engagement Photos} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Brown Lab Photography. || #engagementphotos #nashville #bride #groom #city

1. Be open to experimenting with your photographer.

Back in the day, a photographer and his subjects had to wait until the actual film was developed before they could view the images. However, with the digital photography of today, you can pretty much see right away what your photos will look like. This instant viewing can be very helpful for nighttime engagement photos when you’ll have to try lots of different shots and locations to get the right images.


Kneff tells us that it’s important to have some patience and keep an open mind when doing nighttime engagement photos, because you’ll probably have to take a ton of photos just to get a few awesome ones. Due to the camera’s long shutter speeds and possible tricky lighting situations, Hobneck explains that the bride and groom have to hold very still to avoid blurry images. This will mean plenty of poses and location-moving to find the perfect shots!

{How to Get Amazing Nighttime Engagement Photos} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Brown Lab Photography. || #engagementphotos #bride #groom #lights #outdoor

2. Realize that lighting is essential in nighttime engagement photos.

During the day, your engagement photos have the advantage of being surrounded by natural light from the sun. Even the cloudiest sky will allow some daylight into your photo session. While lighting will still be a big part of your photos taken during the day, its role is strengthened even further once the sun goes down.


Whether it’s lighting from streetlamps, buildings, or even the moon, Kneff tells us that lighting or lack of lighting will be very important in your nighttime engagement photos. Because your photos will be taking place at night and will have far less natural lighting than the daylight variety, he stresses that the lighting you do have will have even stronger of an impact in your photos. The right lighting will make the difference between great and mediocre nighttime engagement photos!

{How to Get Amazing Nighttime Engagement Photos} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Brown Lab Photography. || #engagementphotos #bride #groom #lights #nashville #city 3. Be aware that activity occurring in your desired locations may be much different at night than it is during the day.

With an engagement photo session that takes place during daylight hours, your photographer will often try to avoid having other people or moving objects in the background. For photos taken at night, on the other hand, it’s a totally different story. The different kinds of light available in the evening allow for certain elements in your photos that wouldn’t work as well earlier in the day.


Kneff and Hobneck urge brides and grooms not to shy away from allowing the movement of other people and objects in their nighttime engagement photos. You’ll get different activity happening at night than you will during the day, so use this to your advantage. The movement of people and cars in the background combined with streetlights creates a cool blurred effect that will look amazing in your images.

{How to Get Amazing Nighttime Engagement Photos} || The Pink Bride || Photo courtesy of Brown Lab Photography. || #engagementphotos #bride #groom #lights #fireworks #outdoor

Whether you decide to do all your engagement photos at night or just get a few photos done to add to your collection, Brown Lab Photography would love to help you create some amazing memories today! Be sure to check out their website, and connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Give them a call at (615) 969-2440, and tell them The Pink Bride sent you!


All photos courtesy of the Brown Lab Photography website.